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Honda's Chance to Make History at Suzuka

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Re: Honda

Honda will win all three and hit the 500 mark at Suzuka. They always kick ass all over the track at every event they enter... so yes, it will happen yet again. Total domination can get boring at times (yawn).
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2nd POST!!! Honda will not win

Hey Fool, Suzuki has won more 500 Races there than anyone. Yamaha has the shear numbers, and Honda, well, they have Rossi so it just might happen. I think KRJR will be fighting hard, not being the fav for the title, but he still has tricks up his sleeve. What happened to first post
Re: Honda

Biagi and KRJR are not going to just slide over for the Honda's. I'll believe the hat trick when I see it.

I am afraid the very best they could do is win 499. Kenny Robers, Jr. will win the 500cc race, so, maybe next race, Honda. But then again, Kenny Jr. will also win every race in the 500 season, so, I don't know.
Re: 2nd POST!!! Honda will not win

You actually want to know what happened to "first post"? It's stupid and idiotic to constantly repeat a mildly funny, at best, comment that has been overused since the first time it appeared. You must be one of those boring, predictable people that every one can't stand because you think you are funny with your thoughtless, plain "humor" and "funny guy" jokes...

That's where the "first post" went.
Re: 499

hmm. win every race....I think I like my betting odds, you in for 100?
Hello....time for your medication.

Man, what planet have you been on ? If you go by the numbers, Suzuki will win it (since they have the most vicitories there) and Honda will, again, suck hind teet ! Last year Abe (Yamaha) won it. Honda didn't dominate anything last year. Don't even go to WSB because just about every race either Yamaha, Ducati or Suzuki was at the top of the podium. If your post hadn't been so ridiculous it would have been boring as well.
Re: 499

Me believes Rossi, McCoy and Haga will be giving Roberts a big fight this year. My tip is Rossi for the crown.
9th post!!!

Gee, now what was in that post but a bunch of words linked together to make a deragatory statement with no relationship to motorcycling or motorcycles themselves. I feel sorry for someone like you with minimal humor and feeling the need to cut someone down because you feel like they weren't funny enough for you. Personally I think you are lame and you have a lame name, and I would kick your ass if I saw you in person, but that wouldn't be right now would it. No, I was just saying that Honda wouldn't win and you could have replied properly but nooooooooo, you complained about the last few words of my post. Lame Flamer... Get a real life. Take your frustration out on the curvy roads.
Re: Hello....time for your medication.

Shaft is lame. Nothing but a Honda [email protected]%* sucker if you ask me...
MO is removing posts they don't like... No freedom of speech

I have had countless posts removed just because I argue with someone elses point of view. Hey MO... OFF AND DIE COMMIE BASTARDS!!!
This wasn't me!!!

My dumb ass friend just did this on my computer for a "JOKE"... Sorry! Go to the bathroom for 2 minutes and look what happens. Please excuse my dumbass friend. Thank you.
Re: 9th post!!!

First of all, idiot, all words, whether derogatory or not (notice the spelling of "derogatory") linked together do tend to make statements. Second of all, "Joe-Momma" is a COOL name? LOL! Does your mom have a **** or something? Or are you a single father? Third, you wouldn't kick my ass, I guarantee. Fourth, who are you to say what is a "proper" reply and what isn't, you arrogant dumbass. Fifth, you accused me of no motorcycling related input, then you do it yourself! Is this "National Hypocrite Day"? No one told ME about it! Last, but not least, you called me a "lame flamer". Apparently you think I'm a homosexual. You don't know me so do you like to just eagerly assume that people you don't know are gay? Don't be a closet queer... you can't help it. Just accept it and grab your toes without bending your knees.

In closing I'd like to reiterate the fact that I TOTALLY SHOWED YOU UP. Quit now before you look even worse. (well... probably not possible)
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Re: Honda

Well I don't think Honda has much of a chance of doing this.

500s - Rossi is about 20% likely to win, Ukawa 10%, Criville 3%

250s - Katoh is about 95% likey to win

125s - Bugger all chance

Don't like those odds
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Re: MO is removing posts they don

hehe, see what happens when you act like a fool!!!
Re: This wasn

Don't lie. That's worse than the "Officer, my bike's throttle was stuck, that's why I was wheelying through the intersection!"
Re: 499

Everyone said that when Biaggi won all those 250 cc crowns. He challenged for the title in his Rooki year, just like Rossi, but when Biaggi hit his second year... Where is his crown? Rossi may win it, but it's only because he is on a Honda, and has Burgess and Doohan.
Re: MO is removing posts they don

Re: Hello....time for your medication.

There you go again with the **** stuff! Just give it up, man! YOU'RE GAY!
Hmmm, suffering from foot-in mouth disease I see

500 for Big Red. Dont count your chickens before they hatch baby.....
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