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Honda's New V4 800cc MotoGp Machine

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Does this mean we'll never see a V5 1000cc street bike from Honda? 1st post!
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What a short tail section on the new bike - also note the "chopped off" look of the underseat exhaust! Trick...
New clutch parts for Hayden from HRC to help him with his starts? With two races left Nicky can't finish 2nd behind Rossi in either one of them unless he finishes ahead of him in the other race - if he wants to win the championship. So, why are they waiting till the last two races to fix this problem, which has been around all year???
Yes. V4-800 cc street sportbike maybe. 800 cc street sportbike definitely ZX-8R and GSXR800 are making the rumor boards. The Great Motorcycle Prophet has spoken.
The whole 'first post' thing was funny for about a day, the first time I saw it, back around 1998 on Slashdot. But come on it is now 2006. This horse is long dead.
Seems like a perfect time to do a "real" update on the Interceptor. I can see good things coming from this.
GMP predictions

There will be a new class of 800 cc sportbikes for the street.
[*] A brand new Honda Interceptor (much like the orignal) will hit the market. This Interceptor will be a sportbike not a sport tourer Optons will include ABS and Traction Control[*]Rumors from Japan are circulating about a ZX-8R to replace the hole left by the discontinuation of the venerable ZX-7R[*]A 50cc increase will make the GSXR750 the bike of the year i.e GSXR800[*]A Yamaha R-8? Yes 8 is considered a lucky number in Asia

God has revealed to kpaul, the Great Motorcycle Prophet (GMP), that the V-4 800 cc is the holy engine configuration.
The short tail gives that bike a real aggressive look. At least to me an 800 sounds like a lot more fun than a liter bike.
Excellent...Yes I predicted this earlier this summer. Great minds think alike.
I actually gave you credit for that days ago. Didn't you say that you predicted a new 800 cc sprtbike class coming to life soon? I could have been mistaken.
But it's still fun in a childish sort of way. Tag your it.
Too bad that he was actually about the 110th guy to make that "prediction".
seruzero do not doubt kpaul the GMP.... :)

kpaul radio - original thoughts 24 hours a day...

[email protected] near funny.....
I'm not a buell booster but I have to point out to everyone's dismay that this bike's styling cues-- aggressive stance, extreme commitment to mass-centralization, underslung exhaust, stubby tail-- all remind me of Buell. They'd probably put the fuel in the frame and use rim-mounted rotors if they thought they could get away with it without getting ridiculed....

Ah but there I've started the usual Buell discussion...really, I don't mean to troll.

I guess it takes companies like Buell and KTM to take chances with styling.

I'm looking forward to the 800cc era. 1000cc is too much, unless you're really big, but then you're probably not going to fit on a little bitty sport bike anyway.
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Looks like KP forgot to wear this again today.
The GPTB is the home of the techy paranoid not kpaul.. kpaul loves technology.
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