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You like to ride together; wouldn't it be great to talk when you ride?!

From now on, you can talk with your motorcyclist friends by way of this new two way wireless Bluetooth communication system, or you can chat with your pillion.

Maybe receive a cell phone call without pressing a button, You can enjoy your favorite stereo music from your A2DP enabled cell phone or MP3 player or perhaps listen to the audio navigation message from your Bluetooth enabled GPS.

With this New Super-Range Bluetooth, you can do all these things even if you are riding or snow skiing!!!

All this hands free functionality is contained within one self contained module that attaches to the side of your helmet.

Main Features:

Maximum talking range 500 meters between two riders, real two-way wireless communication between three riders by Bluetooth system

Up to 120Km working speed

Up to 7 hours talking time

Safe auto-receiving cell phone calls

Advanced A2DP & EDR Bluetooth profile

Stereo music/audio function (transmits from A2DP enabled cellphone/MP3/GPS)

Wind noise DSP cancellation

Water-resistance, all weather,

Friendly for gloves

We will describe this communications kit as B (Bluetooth headset) I (intercom) M (music)

This BIM can either be used for rider or for pillion.

This BIM can connect with four Bluetooth devices: a Bluetooth enabled cell phone, two BIM (two riders or one rider and one pillion), an audio source which with a built in or a external audio Bluetooth transmitter.

This BIM is a multifunctional device for motorcyclists and skiers, it can be used:

1) As a handsfree Bluetooth headset for cell phone calls

While out riding or snow skiing, the auto answer feature of the internal Bluetooth profile enables safe automatic Handsfree answering of the phone call automatically. It also offers a call rejecting function.

-receive the cell phone calls even you do not need to press any button, you just need to rider your bike as normal, the process of receiving call will be automatic, after ring on of the call about 5 seconds; it will receive the call automatically. It also can offer rejecting call function.

2) As a two way wireless full duplex interphone between riders or between rider & pillion

The Maximum communication range over a high clear line of sight path can reach 500m

/1640ft! (This maximum range is not guaranteed).

Typical effective range in city is approximately 300m/950ft. Please note that actual range will depend on weather conditions, terrain, presence of obstacles, i.e. a large vehicle, buildings non line of sight etc.

Unlike a one-way walkie talkie, which is only half duplex i.e. it can not speak and listen simultaneously, the BIM offers real-time talking like a normal telephone.

It can connect with two other riders or connect with another rider and his/her pillion.

The rider can chose which person to talk with

The working speed can be up to 120Km!

3) As a wireless Bluetooth music receiver and speaker, this BIM has EDR and A2DP profile , with EDR and A2DP profile it can offer another important function--- listening to stereo music from A2DP enabled cellphone,MP3 or navigation audio information from GPS(this MP3 or GPS should has a built in audio Bluetooth transmitter)

4) If your MP3, GPS did not have a built in audio Bluetooth transmitter, you only need to have a external audio Bluetooth transmitter (sometimes called an AV Dongle, you can find it easily in the market) to pair with them, then you also can enjoy this added functionality.

5) As the speakers of your MP3/GPS

If your MP3 or GPS is not Bluetooth transmitting enabled and you have not a Bluetooth AV dongle, the BIM also offers another method of listening to the stereo music/audio info--- the simple wired method. Plug the audio source directly into the BIM headset via the 3.5 mm stereo connection


·Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Technology for wind noise cancellation

·Excellent performance at speeds up to the legal limit with a full face helmet

·Easily mounts to all full face and open face helmets


·Up to 7 hours talk time when connected to your cell phone
·UP to 7 hours time when listening to music

·Typical current consumption is 55 ~75 mA

·500 mAh Li Polymer battery

·Standby time: 100 hours

·Charging time:~ 3 hours

·Chip brand: CSR


·All weather, rain and snow resistance

·Removable headset unit from the helmet

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I don't WANT to talk to the Biotch when I'm riding, OK? That's "Me Time".
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