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Houston SX Results

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Well,now its getting interesting.RC may be feeling the pressure and making mistakes.Now Reed just needs to hope he can win the rest and someone can steel a second fromRC. Hopefully Reed can maintain for the outdoor season and put some interest in that too....I dont see anyone else challenging RC
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RC started in 14th place, had the fastest lap by half a second and finished anly a second and a half back. Fonseca wasn't close. I'd bet Chad Reed's feeling a lot more heat than Ricky at this point. With only 4 rounds left he needs to pray a lot.
It wouldn't take much for Reed to win... a DNF by Carmichael would tie it right back up again.
I doubt Reed is feeling anything but elation, since he was never expected to win anything. RC was supposed to have a walkover, and with the money he is getting from Big Red he BETTER win. I'd say RC might be thinking a bit from here on in.
The 250 Main was incredible. Ricky got tangled in a huge wreck in the first corner and ended up on the bottom of a half dozen bikes. By the time he got up and going, he was in DEAD LAST, at least 5 seconds behing the 19th place bike and more than 15 seconds behind the leader. Reed had a bad start to, and was around 10th after the first turn.

By lap 4, Ricky was in SIXTH. He made the other riders look like amateurs. The things he can do with his front tire are unparalleled.

He finished 1.7 seconds behind Reed. These two are the class of the field. Give the young Reed one more year, and the '04 season will be one to remember. The 03 season is pretty cool as is.
Oh yeah, Ezra hurt his wrist in practice on Friday.

The track took everybody out at one point or another. Ricky dorfed in his Heat (but won anyway). I hear that they had to cut down the whoops because they were taking everybody down on Friday. That, and other sections, were very complicated, with variable spacing all over the place.
No, Carmichael started dead last after a 1st turn pileup... he might've been 14th after the completion of lap1, but he was last out of the first turn. I was there, and let me tell you, he was flying around the track for the rest of the race. It was impossible NOT to watch, he would pass three or four riders threading through the whoops. Amazing.

I will admit that I've become a fan of his. I tried to hate him b/c I liked McGrath for years and years, and Lusk is always my underdog fave (didn't ride Saturday though), but damn...the guy (Ricky) is just ridiculously entertaining to watch.

People will say what they will about him, but it's hard to deny this guy has another level he can step up to that it would appear that few others riding currently have. He would get out of shape and not even slow down..swapping through the whoops didn't faze him.

When he lost by maybe a bike length, you could tell he was extremely upset with himself... the mark of a champion. Damned near anyone else out there would've been thrilled to come from last to 2nd, but not him. I admire that... you see it in all of the good road-racers too. BB was ticked/bummed at himself for letting Daytona slip away... not just happy to take second in a series he hasn't been involved in for a few years.

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For Reed to end up second in his first 250 year will be a major achievment;for Ricky to finish second would be a major disappointment(and Honda didnt pay big bucks to be disappointed).At this point Reed should be loose and confident whereas RC may be getting a little nervous and make mistakes.I dont think he will,I think hes the best and will stay cool,but competition is good for the sport-----I like and respect RC but its good to see Reed push him.
"you could tell he was extremely upset with himself... the mark of a champion."

No, that isn't the mark of a champion. Mouthing off in public is the mark of an undisciplined amateur. A true champion would figure out what he did wrong, and work on fixing it for next time, instead of whining about it in front of 30,000 people.
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