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How to Buy a Motorcycle Online

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I have run into 3 people so far who have been victimized by online vehicle sales. I see the scammers on just about every bulletin board, classified and auction site. Too bad we can't come up with a way to send an electrical charge down the lines to zap them out of existence.

BTW, did you realize your address and phone # are on the article?
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Having bought four motorcycles on ebay, and sold 3, I've seen a lot of scams as well. Another good thing to do to protect yourself (and make sure the seller actually has the bike) is to ask for an odd picture...say one of the owner with 3 fingers on his left hand showing in front of the bike.

Also never pay with Western Union money orders, that's always how the scammers seem to want to get paid. It must be easy to pick up funds under a false name or something. Go fly out and ride the bike home! Then you won't get scammed, at least for not more than the deposit.

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