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How to Buy a Motorcycle Online

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I have run into 3 people so far who have been victimized by online vehicle sales. I see the scammers on just about every bulletin board, classified and auction site. Too bad we can't come up with a way to send an electrical charge down the lines to zap them out of existence.

BTW, did you realize your address and phone # are on the article?
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I was recently perusing and came across a low milage v-rod for 7,500. Immediately I thought to myself this bike is stolen or non-existent. ...But I was intrigued so I began email communiction. The seller sent me several beautiful pictures and the VIN which seems to be valid, but wouldn't immediately answer what city he was in. Guess what else. It turns out:

The seller claims to be in a foriegn country(England)

Shipping from said country is included in the price(please)

I am to send a Western Union money order.

This is for sure a scam, but I'm intrigued so I'm going to continue to try and flush him out. I think next will request a odd picture (like him on the bike with today's copy of the gaurdian)


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1 - 1 of 160 Posts
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