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How to Buy a Motorcycle Online

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I have run into 3 people so far who have been victimized by online vehicle sales. I see the scammers on just about every bulletin board, classified and auction site. Too bad we can't come up with a way to send an electrical charge down the lines to zap them out of existence.

BTW, did you realize your address and phone # are on the article?
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Re: Thanks for your support

Sending work to Italy and Japan sure ain't cheaper than US labor, there might be another reason than the outsourcing boogieman. Not least of which that Seattle sucks.
Re: HTML for Dummies

Does the html book show you how to make bboard sock puppets?
Re: Name calling is not listening

I remember the time I went atomic apeshiat like this because I couldn't stand KP anymore. Man, that felt good. It's kind of nice to have it out of your system for awhile. Just know that arguing with KP is like pizzin' in a volcano.
Re: GPTB dues

You gotta stop, bud. I've said it before, KP is Karl Rove's automated trollbot. It posts MoveOn & CodePink talking points at random into unrelated forums, and pisses off people who previously didn't really care into voting republican. What else but a computer could behave with this rifle-bolt precision level of retardation?
1 - 4 of 160 Posts
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