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How to Buy a Motorcycle Online

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I have run into 3 people so far who have been victimized by online vehicle sales. I see the scammers on just about every bulletin board, classified and auction site. Too bad we can't come up with a way to send an electrical charge down the lines to zap them out of existence.

BTW, did you realize your address and phone # are on the article?
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Re: HTML for Dummies

I’m quite certain I could type all day in bold font if I wanted but screaming my annoying opinions at the top of my lungs is better left to you!!!!!!! Now shut your pie-hole and go buy that Triumph! Or does the wife still have your sack in her purse?

Back to ignore mode.............
Re: Storage

I gave my 6 year old a good pep talk yesterday about getting into the Air Force Academy because I just spent his college fund on motorcycles.

It is the bike that Yosef tested. The Mag and Carbon Oro model is 28 grand or so. I'll leave that one to the Jay Leno's of the world.

I haven't been able to ride it all weekend because I bought it Friday morning and then picked up my son. I might have to ditch work tomorrow afternoon and go "golfing."

It is an incredibly beautiful machine.l I keep thinking about reasons to wander out to the garage!

The cool thing was when I rode it home some of the hot engine smell was on me! I was in my house and could still smell it. I haven't run it since I brought it home because I want to save the hot engine smell. My son goes back to school tomorrow so I'll be terrorizing the local mountains.

I already know about the house full of women. I have three sisters and no brothers. We had a swimming pool and when they brought all their girlfriends over...........let's just say I was the envy of all my buddies.
I did

I think I've gone totally insane. I rode down to GP motorcycles on Friday just to "pet" the Brutale. Then they let me take her for a test ride. Damn temptress!

We worked out a pretty good deal and they even threw a new chain on my Duc.

I guess the middleweight shootout convinced me that having no fairing at all is really cool.

Oh and tell Broken Link if he's going to insult you he should change his handle back to KPaul first.
Damn squid

You should know better than to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man. When Kook and the rest of his aliases/multiple personalities goes off his medication it gets ugly around here.

Oh, and your bike sucks too and I don't even know what it is.
Re: Posished Frame

I thought the same thing when I saw the polished frame bikes going for so much cheaper than stockers.

However, if you wanted to pick up a sportbike to thrash on really cheap and then throw it away, low-balling a squid who's desparate for the latest and greatest might not be a bad idea.
Don't encourage him

The best thing to do is join the "ignore KPaul" gang.

Most of us have ignored him for about 6 months now (I recently fell off the wagon) and it seems to work.

Apparently his mommy has forgotten to drug his Froot Loops because he's back to his old insanity again.
GPTB dues

You are now officially sworn in as a member of the Grayhaired Ponytailed Brotherhood.

What you don't need to get in:

1) Gray hair

2) Ponytail

3) Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

4) Money

You only have to ignore KPaul and his various aliases and you are welcome in the club. Oh, and you can't bash Harley guys because some of the members actually own one or two!
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Re: GPTB dues

Trust me, sportbike guys can be just as elitist with their price/performance crap.

You can't discuss motorcycling with KPaul because he doesn't know anything about motorcycling.

The SDSU jab is directed at me. I majored in PoliSci there.

I may be in New York in June. I have a business meeting in CT so I usually take an extra day to goof off in the city.

PBR at Hogs and Heifers?

It was in the 70s here yesterday so I had my electric vest and gloves on. I picked up my son shortly after I rode the new machine home so I couldn't ride all weekend. We were doing Easter stuff together.

I might sneak out before I pick him up from school today. I've got a whopping 100 miles on it all below 7000 rpm. OK well sometimes it accidentally goes beyond that.

I think the two Italians in my garage are conspiring to do something evil to the Harley.
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