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How to Buy a Motorcycle Online

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I have run into 3 people so far who have been victimized by online vehicle sales. I see the scammers on just about every bulletin board, classified and auction site. Too bad we can't come up with a way to send an electrical charge down the lines to zap them out of existence.

BTW, did you realize your address and phone # are on the article?
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HTML for Dummies

Typical Bush-like reaction from a SDSU grad. If they, Bush fans, can't handle the criticism these Bu****es start attacking the person. No Buz I am not BrokenLink. He writes to well to be me. He gives the idiot miles eater way too much credit to be me. Psst Buz there is a book for you called HTML for Dummies. The book shows how you can bold your print idiot As Ronald Raygun used to say "There you go again"
Re: I knew it was too good to be true.

I believe the current choices for the Brutale at the moment are a 750 or a 750.

There has been some speculation about a 1000cc version but remember we're talking about an Italian company here. I might not live long enough to see that one!
No Oro here

I ain't got 28 grand to spend on a magnesium scoot.
I think we agree

I was talking about looking at used bike.

My guess is you do care about resale if you're buying low. If you didn't care you'd buy the latest and greatest resale be damned.

I think 2 year old Japanese bikes are great deals but I haven't seen any Honda ads saying, "wait two years until you buy one!"
Re: HTML for Dummies

I’m quite certain I could type all day in bold font if I wanted but screaming my annoying opinions at the top of my lungs is better left to you!!!!!!! Now shut your pie-hole and go buy that Triumph! Or does the wife still have your sack in her purse?

Back to ignore mode.............
Re: Storage

No, I'm not seeing a downside either. If you get tired of tripping over the Duc. I'll let him keep it at my house.

So is the MV the S that Yossef tested awhile back? I'll have to re-read the artical and see what you got. Sounds like the mix I want, IE Touring bike for daily driver and nekkid play bike for nice days.

If I could just get my kids to realize that beans on toast every day is a balanced diet, and there's places besides Nordies and the Bon to buy the cute new outfits they need every other day I'd be set.
Re: Storage

I gave my 6 year old a good pep talk yesterday about getting into the Air Force Academy because I just spent his college fund on motorcycles.

It is the bike that Yosef tested. The Mag and Carbon Oro model is 28 grand or so. I'll leave that one to the Jay Leno's of the world.

I haven't been able to ride it all weekend because I bought it Friday morning and then picked up my son. I might have to ditch work tomorrow afternoon and go "golfing."

It is an incredibly beautiful machine.l I keep thinking about reasons to wander out to the garage!
Re: Storage

I'll bet your son will understand about the college fund, What guy would rather go to school than go riding?

it I don't even call it a garage anymore it's my office. I've got a fridge and a comfy chair, all I need is microwave and I could stay out there most of the time. (When you're praying for a house full of women, you need to specify that they're not related to you)

I put a set of gen-mars on the Trophy to go with my fitted seat and the weather has broke 70 for the last few days, now it's even harder to stay off it.

So do you go start it up and listen to it, then breathe in the new motorcycle hot engine smell?

The cool thing was when I rode it home some of the hot engine smell was on me! I was in my house and could still smell it. I haven't run it since I brought it home because I want to save the hot engine smell. My son goes back to school tomorrow so I'll be terrorizing the local mountains.

I already know about the house full of women. I have three sisters and no brothers. We had a swimming pool and when they brought all their girlfriends over...........let's just say I was the envy of all my buddies.
Re: I think we agree

Yes, we do agree. You are right to say that I do care about resale values in the sense that I can buy a used bike at a low price.

However, the fact resale values are not as high as Harleys or Ducatis is not an indicator that Japanese bikes are a poor value. Honda, for example, sells plenty of new bikes to those that want their latest, greatest bikes. I'm just not one of those people (most of the time). And for those of us who can live happily with a 2-year old bike, it's a great value.

And the 919 that I referenced was a pretty rare case. Most go for more than that.
Re: No Oro here

Not many of us do. But since you do seem to have a few bikes, and therefore must be fairly obsessed, I figured I'd ask.

Obviously the "regular" Brutale is gorgeous, too.
Re: You look a little peaked

So... It's a sick day tomorrow eh?. Chinook pass should open pretty soon, That's my usual "sneak a day off" destination. Don't forget to scuff your tires in good before you go shreddin' it like a ripper ( I know you 40 y.o's can get forgetful)

Three sisters with girlfriends and a pool......sheesh....
Only 50k, you are being ripped off. My Nigerian friend is selling me a Honda Rebel with 250,000$ stuffed in the seat.

- cruiz-euro
Re: Economics 101 for idiots It's different this time around dufus


The article you are pointing out is typical of Keensian economics. It's idiocy.

If you would like to educate yourself on economics you may go here:

the Austrian School of Economics is the only real school.

Considering that you likely don't even know what the Austrian school is, or even the names of the other 3, I doubt I should be wasting my time debating with you.

You simply don't have the vocabulary.
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I knew....

.. that Kook couldn't shut the f### up and keep his political drivel off the freakin' motorcycle website. Just like last time. He chills out for a few days and then posts "whatever for dummies" and then has the audacity to accuse others of ad hominem attacks.

But that's not important.

You got a Brutale?? Getoutatown!

I'm still looking at a Speed Triple or a Falco. The last few parts I got for my Magna made me realize that if Honda is going to charge Italian prices for their parts then why bother with a cookiecutter from the East? You don't save any real money on them any more. Jap parts prices are ridiculous and the resale is miserable.
Re: Economics...

I'm a libertarian but my mother-in-law is a republican and is one of the kindest and sweetest people you could ever meet. You hate her too?
Name calling is not listening

Instead of dismissing this analysis, you should take it apart with your own points. You are just name calling. Which makes you an idiot no better than the Rush and Bush fans. I knew you were a Bu****e.
All talk and no do

"I'm still looking at a Speed Triple or a Falco." Yeh Right, Sure you are.
Re: Resale

Why is a polished frame such a drawback? Just aesthetics? Or does it weaken the frame or something?

I'm the squidly sort (er, I would be if I could get off of my FOCKING Silverwing), and I always thought it looks cool. If it doesn't hurt the bike, it'd be great for me if it drops another $500 off the thing.
Re: All talk and no do

Just got done rebuilding the ol' Magna and the exchequer only handles so much.

Goin' on the Alcan?
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