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How-To Change Your Oil

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Kpaul makes WAY too much money to waste his time getting his hands all covered in oil. It makes those 15lb dumbbells hard to hold on to. Let the flunkies do it!

Great article, though. How many of you use full-on synthetic in your bikes? At what mileage did you start?

Oh, and:

First Post!

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Thanks Sean great article. Since I have a great position at a great company, I don't have to do this myself. However, if you want to make some sure something is done right do it yourself. I also enjoy doing this stuff since my position involves a combination of people skills (negotiation, coaching, mentoring, leading) and highly abstract thought. My wife (CEO of the hous of KPaul) has approved motorcycle maintenance items such as a shop manual, a back and front stand. Some day I want to be like sportbikepilot. He's my hero.

These type of articles are a great idea. Good job.
Good advice

"Second is over tightening the drain bolt" yep this is one of reasons I agree with you on "just for that peace of mind that it was actually done right" I had a punk kid at an oil and lube place do this to my old RX-7 Turbo once. The place paid for it , but the inconvenience was annoying.
Now that is funny. I had a weak moment last night lusting for 749 after I read a review on another channel. However, the list price over $14,000 and the cost of maintenance got me headed back to the Triumph site.

You old farts (longride, seruzawa, Bud) of the GPTB have some good advice. Keep it up
Re: Congratulations kpaul

Don't use the Mc thing, it hits too close to home. (Harry and Phil).
1 - 4 of 99 Posts
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