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I intend to read this article - no really!

I'm too lazy to replace crush washers or o-rings on drain plugs. I have cut new washers out of gasket material when needed to fill the gap on the plug. But, what I never fail to do after the plug has been in and out a few times is to smear a layer of red silicone glue - the high temperature stuff - on the plug and just snug up the plug. As long as the drain hole is clean and free of oil it sticks very well. I've never lost a drain plug this way and don't have to over-tighten the plug.

I also use advert literature the kind printed on coated paper and cut to fit the oil filter drain area to direct the oil away from the bike and into the oil pan. Paper towels picks up the rest.

I've had no problem with Fram oil filters - on my Harley or Speed 4.

As for oil. I have had trouble with synthetic oil of the correct weight (viscosity) in my Harley. I got lifter noise that went away when I switched back to HD oil. V-twin oil from the auto parts store would work too, but costs the same.

I now use Mobil 1 car oil (15w 50) in my Triumph Speed 4 with no problems at all after 8000 miles. Triumph specifies Mobil1 15w50 anyway.

Oil additives are probably useless, except on older air-cooled engines when they wear out. You can thicken the oil and quiet the motor a bit and get a few thousand more miles out of them.

Gear box oil - just use the correct viscosity gear oil available anywhere. Over fill the gear box by about 20%. Primaries are even more forgiving - just about any oil seems to work in them. But stick with the correct viscosity is the best bet.
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