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And a few more suggestions:
  • Purchase the service manual for your bike.
  • Look 1-2 maintenance periods ahead, pick things
    you can do, and get the tools to do them. Eg, if you have the tools and time to do oil, trans, plugs and clutch adjustment, you'll probably cut about 1/2 off the cost of your 10K maintenance. Look at the $/shop-hour charge on your last bill,
    then shop for tools accordingly.
  • Though I highly recommend having your
    own stands/lift, it is possible to rig something up. Common
    setup is using a stepladder and rope/pulleys to serve as a rear
    lift. [Though again, a PitBull or other stand is a good investment and makes things a one-person job -- personally I have a PitBull rear stand and a $75 hydralic lift.]
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