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How-To Change Your Oil

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Kpaul makes WAY too much money to waste his time getting his hands all covered in oil. It makes those 15lb dumbbells hard to hold on to. Let the flunkies do it!

Great article, though. How many of you use full-on synthetic in your bikes? At what mileage did you start?

Oh, and:

First Post!

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Personally, I've never worried about crush washers, and I've never had anything but a drip or two come from the drain plug. The first one I lost, I had only one vehical, so I reassembled everything and went on my way. Having all intentions to get to the dealler to replace it. Forgot about it untill the next oil change. Afew hundred K miles on many bikes and I don't think its been missed by any of them.

But it must have some engineering significance, or they would not put it on the bike. The real world doesn't seem to care.
Old timers trick

Cut it with gas and use it to stain wood (fences, garden timbers, decks but read on), It takes afew days to dry out, but it helps preserve the wood.

Try it on an inconspicuous spot to see if ya like the color.

Might cheese off some enviromentalist but it does work.
These guys need a hobby (other than destroying bikes)

What are they some rich young punks who want daddy to buy them a new bike.

"I don't know what happened to the bike, Pa. It just sarted runnin' like sh!t. But a new GSXR thou only goes for 10 large. Thanks DAd!"
Yes, in high scholl auto shop

Another neat trick. I was helping a buddy replace the front disk brakes on his celica. We lossened the lug nuts, put the car up on jacks. pulled the driver side wheel off. Had a b!tch of a time getting the calipers to push in. Ran out of time, he had to get to work. Put everthing back together droped the car off the jacks. tightened the Drivers side lug nut all the way up, and off he went.

5 miles down the road he watched the pasenger side front wheel shoot ahead of his car. We forgot to tighten the lug nuts down after losening them.


We can laugh about it now.

Ha, Ha sob. new brake rotor.
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