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How-To Change Your Oil

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Kpaul makes WAY too much money to waste his time getting his hands all covered in oil. It makes those 15lb dumbbells hard to hold on to. Let the flunkies do it!

Great article, though. How many of you use full-on synthetic in your bikes? At what mileage did you start?

Oh, and:

First Post!

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All you need for a Triumph is....oh wait, you're too drunk to ride again?

Catch ya next time maybe.
You'd better stop referring to the little woman as "the Old G" or she might break out the snubby and use it on you.
Re: How not To Change Your Oil

It's kind of like the old Jaguars. You never had to change the oil because by 3000 miles you would have replaced all of it anyway.
It's a good thing it's fast because if it was slow people would have to look at it and she ain't purty.
How'd that happen?

That was meant for Sarnali's Triumph Rocket post.

Crap I haven't even been drinking!

It must be the jet lag from the flight to FL. Damn it's hot here!
Re: Old timers trick

Hold a match to it to see if it's dry. Make sure you wear nomex clothing though.
Re: How'd that happen?

Is that the part that flies off first?
That's what you get for reproducing at your advanced age.
1 - 8 of 99 Posts
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