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How to Get a Japanese Spec Bike Titled in U.S.?

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Most newer Japanese bikes are made to US Specs, but you'll have to change the speedo and lights, depending where Suzuki was that year with regards to US DOT specs.

I use to do that for a living, clear motor vehicles through US Customs.

Go to the Department of Transportation website and download an HS-7 form. Select Box 2A, and the data certified box. Fill out the rest and hand that off to Customs when you get here, along with your personal effects declaration (CF3299) showing the Suzuki as personal effects. You sholud be OK.

Oh and FPBTW.
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You r like the James Bond of moto. Or the Moneypenny at least. Did JB ever shag moneypenny or not?
Only when he had the Moneypenny burlap sack handy...
I took mine apart and shipped it in my household goods as parts. Getting a title when I got to the states was another matter. I used a title service that specialized in old bikes.
Why bring it back? I could see if it was a rare bike.But here in the states a fat GSXR? Dime a dozen. Bring back a Honda RVF 45 0r a Kawasaki ZXR 400, Suzuki GSX 1400, Yamaha TDM 900 Yamaha Mt010 etc.
This guy busts space stations and nuclear submarines for work, so one rear end would not stop him for long.

- cruiz-euro
He's on Guam for chrissakes. The rock. Maybe bring back a Trail 90 too.
Sell it and buy a Buell...Seriously..Why bring it back? is it rare?
I went through HELL and back bringing my '96 Vmax over. It was completely modified over there so I didn't want to leave it (so I actually had the frame swapped out with a Canada model-the EPA, DOT sticker is on the frame). Based on my research, you can't bring it over but people have told me differently (none of whom actually have done it themselves). I would say unless you know someone who has a Jap-spec bike that is titled in the US, then I would not try it. For one thing, the bike number is not in the North American format so its quite obvious to the DMV. email me if you have any questions [email protected]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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