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How to Ride Like a Pro

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Interesting skill building exercise for the real world. Computer controlled thrusters are also effective in moving large objects at slow speeds (like the Queen Mary 2 out of NY harbor)

....Any news on the fate of Aprilia or Motoguzzi? Has Beggio called it quits?
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Not quite as interesting as watching world class observed trials but there is some serious skill in evidence in that video. I've got a 700+ lb. sport tourer that is a real arm load when it comes to low speed maneuvering. If you want a challenge and don't mind scuffing up the old boat, give it a try. You'll be amazed at how easy this ain't. However, that DVD is that same price as a good bottle of scotch. I guess I could stay sober for a while.
Wouldn't help me - I can't stop LMAO at the music and crazy screen-wipes long enough to glean any useful information. Low-budget porn aficionados will probably be accustomed to all that, though.

I think i'll buy it just for the porno soundtrack. Yeah Baby!!
Hard to believe, but a Honda ST1100 tips the scales in that neighborhood. And, yes, it does just fine in the twisties.
I haven't seen the video however one of the most important things to rememeber when you're riding a big bike is to think ahead before you put your feet down. If your foot slips in some loose gravel or oil and she starts to lean, it's all over but the crying baby.

Case in point: my neighbors riding buddy took his Road Glide down to San Felipe. He pulled into a dirt parking lot of a restaraunt. His foot slipped out from under him while parking the beast. He repositioned his foot to regain traction and save the tilting bike. Everything worked great until his lower leg snapped.

The airlift from San Felipe, MX to San Diego was a bundle.

Yea, but how'd your buddy get back from MX?
2 Points

1. You should never pull into a dirt parking lot where you can't pull on out or make a u-turn.

2. If you feel your foot slip ease the clutch out and keep going, turning into the lean if you have to slightly, the bike will stay upright and save your leg.
Re: Airfreight

He's still at the restaraunt doing dishes until he can pay off his medical care.
Jeeezus Chr!st!!! Why would anyone ride a bike that could do that to you?!!
There's no arguing that the ST1100 isn't a sport tourer, but I would've guessed 600-some lbs. for it. Learn somethin' new every day!
Re: 2 Points

Can't you just drop it and scream like a girl and run away?

That's what frightens me about seeing little old men paddling around on Goldwings. I work out 4-5 days a week in the gym and the Glide still fees heavy in low speed situations.
Because when it tips over when you have a chick on the back she's trapped and you can hang on to her boobies until someone comes and picks the bike up off of you.
Honda claimed about 660 lbs. dry and with a load of fuel, fork oil, crank oil, etc. the thing is bulky. Most of that weight goes away after about 20mph. Putting it on the center stand can send you to the hospital.
Ummmmmm, Buz? Most of us don't have to dump a motorcycle on a woman in order to play a little hanky panky.

Ever wonder why no woman ever goes riding with you twice?
Being able to easily and quickly load your bike into the back of a truck is an excellent skill for Harley guys to learn.

Who else would get more practice?
This is a good thing for all riders to master. I allways found that the better you can control a cycle at low (crawling) speed translates into better control at all speeds.
Re: How to Fall Like a Pro

I need to make my own movie on Geezer technique. The key to this whole Geezer Glide riding thing isn't how you ride, it's how gracefully you fall; with STYLE. A nice standup butt slide into the bar parking lot is always a classic manuever. Chicks dig that one. There is also the 50mph Superman Slide down your nearest state route. Drivers will be impressed as hell. Then there is the Parkinglot Plop where you gracefully get dumped on your mug. A quick roll with a bow draws applause from all onlookers. I can see millions being made from this. Buz will be my demo man, and I'll man the camera.
Re: How to Fall Like a Pro

Don't forget also the correct technique for a graceful dismount where the bottle of Boone's Farm Apple Wine in the left hand is kept from breaking or spilling a single drop.
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