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How to Ride Like a Pro

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Interesting skill building exercise for the real world. Computer controlled thrusters are also effective in moving large objects at slow speeds (like the Queen Mary 2 out of NY harbor)

....Any news on the fate of Aprilia or Motoguzzi? Has Beggio called it quits?
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Bought a Cavalcade (Suzuki Goldwing) in 99 and rode it for 2 years. I thought I was pretty good on it, able to keep up with squiddies on a local twisty mountain road.

However, I took the MSF Experienced Riders Course at Americade in 2001 and I was just amazed what I was able to do with that bike with the proper technique. I can now turn it around inside of 2-3 parking spots with no feet on the ground, at idle. Amazing, compared to what I knew beforehand.

Now with a '02 Wing that handes SO much sharper than the old Cade

MSF (or any) training is so much better than none...

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1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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