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How to Ride Like a Pro

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Interesting skill building exercise for the real world. Computer controlled thrusters are also effective in moving large objects at slow speeds (like the Queen Mary 2 out of NY harbor)

....Any news on the fate of Aprilia or Motoguzzi? Has Beggio called it quits?
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Re: neener neener

My Trophy weighs 700lbs with my jug butt on it and it'll run away and hide from an ST1100

That's a sport tourer
Re: How to Fall Like a Pro

Being able to bite the dust with out spilling your drink is a valuable skill both on the bike and off, and one which I've practiced dilligently over the years
Re: neener neener

There's rumors to that effect, also using the 1300 engine that was supposed to go in the sportbike...........

I had an '85 K100RS for about 5 years, 70k miles, neat bikes! I don't think you can go wrong with an ST1100 either
Re: How to Fall Like a Pro

Typical biker-hippy-suburbanite

I make my kids mow the lawn with a push mower like I had to (grumble grumble)
1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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