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How to Ride Like a Pro

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Interesting skill building exercise for the real world. Computer controlled thrusters are also effective in moving large objects at slow speeds (like the Queen Mary 2 out of NY harbor)

....Any news on the fate of Aprilia or Motoguzzi? Has Beggio called it quits?
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On a ride across Talimena Drive in Oklahoma a couple years ago, I had pulled my Duc into a scenic turn-off behind my buddy's K1200 RS to take a break. A group of elderly gentlemen on heavily fringed Harleys pulled in behind us, and noticed a little late that three inches of pea gravel can be tricky to navigate in. They elected to keep moving, but it was too late for one poor bastard who dumped his brand-spanking-new 100th Anniversary DWG on its side in the gravel right next to me. I noticed as his buddies were helping him up that everything the guy was wearing also appeared brand-new (no helmet, of course)... I'm guessing the guy hadn't taken an MSF course, either. Know how your bike handles (or doesn't, in the case of Geezer-Glides) BEFORE you ride!!!
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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