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How to Ride Like a Pro

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Interesting skill building exercise for the real world. Computer controlled thrusters are also effective in moving large objects at slow speeds (like the Queen Mary 2 out of NY harbor)

....Any news on the fate of Aprilia or Motoguzzi? Has Beggio called it quits?
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This reminds me of a story...

One night a bunch of squid were hanging at the local stop on the strip here in Morgantown. They gather there ever night in the summer before they head off and try to kill each other on public roads. A couple of them were running their mouths to this old fart, about his early 90's goldwing.

The guy said,'Y'all think you can ride? Watch this.."

He whipped that bike around in the parking lot on a dime. i thought I was gonna ***** myself I was laughing so hard, but he was just gettin' started. The strip is one way, so he headed out and went around the block. The squid all thought he was gone and were laughing and stuff, when he comes around the corner. Ring in front of them he pops a wheelie and rides it down the street! He's hollerin' at them, "You can't ride you [email protected]!"

That was to much.

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1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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