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ride what ya brung.

it rains more so get a little rain gear and invest in a gerbing vest.

when you're settled i can give you names of the best tuner/tire vendor and suspension guys in the area who will also know other street guys for you to know.

the best all around bike for anywhere is prolly the suzuki dl650, but who cares? you will see a little of everything

there are some great roads in that area. probably not as good as socal but way less crowded. PIR is a good but short race track and from what i can tell they have a thriving motorcycle community.

i live in in coeur d'alene idaho. it is dryer here but colder. we are about 300 miles away. we get to PIR regularly.

you can ride your snowboard, white water kayak and board sail all on the same day in hood river.

you should like portland it is a really interesting place. buy or borrow the book "fugitives and refugees" by chuck palahniuk and start having fun.


1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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