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HRC and Ducati in Malaysia

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Now longride, you know Ducati is overrated, overmarketed and overhyped. Why it's the Harley of sportbikes!

I'm sure there was some trickery going on or some bending of the rules for them.
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I didn't understand the Ducati hype until I rode the ST2 and ST4. Now I understand. I didn't understand the Harley hype. Then I rode a friends 2001 Fatboy and I still don't understand the Harley hype. Just my opinion.

What I don't understand is how Ducati comes up with the magic. It's amazing to me.
Hopefully Ducati will be just as impressive on game day as in practice. I think they are going all out just to drive KPaul nuts!
I don't understand it either, but I love that Ducati magic.
I guess Suzuki is doing OK in comparison.

KRJR 2.05.1

John Hopkins 2.05.4
I have an ST4 and a Harley so I understand both hypes.

I was just using ol' KP's previous rants against him.
If you want to see some nice pictures of Nicky Hayden on the Honda, check out
I'd love to see KPaul eat his words when Ducati spanks the Hondas - but keep in mind that the Honda lads aren't riding the newest spec equipment yet.

Lastly, although I am a fan of Nicky I do think he's underexperienced and overrated. I would not be surprised to see both Colin and Hopper surpass Nicky time and again.

2003 has the makings of the best season ever - let's hope it holds true.
You mean you have an ST4 and WISH you had your Harley! Unless you have another one hanging around.
True. Right now, it seems as though there is the closest to parity amongst manufacturers we have seen in awhile. Honda will certainly ramp things up a bit, however, as they have had ample warning that everyone else has managed to match the performance of last years RCV.

I don't think it will be a quantum jump however. If it was a big change, they would be wasting their time testing the old versions. I am assuming that it is an evolutionary change, such that the practice for the riders, and the test data, will translate to the new version.

I suspect that Honda and Yamaha will be the ones fighting for the championship once again, but I think it is very realistic to anticipate podium finishes, and possibly race wins, from Ducati, Aprilia and Suzuki.
Easy boys.

First it is just practice

Second the Capirossi was not using the twin-pulse right? Bayliss was using the twin-pulse? (twins are dead right)

But if Ducati is competitve than great. This is goodness for MotoGP.

But I still maintain that Ducatis are overpriced and overrated via my price/performance ratio. But I love the ST and Monster style wise

P.S. A gray 748 tried to follow me on Saturday but couldn't keep up. Me joe rookie smoked a Ducati.
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I can not wait for the 03 season to start, it is going to be a barn burner, there is but one fly in the ointment, how come we don't have a round here in the good US of A? There are two or three tracks in this country that could be Homologated by the FIM for use in a GP race, including the new Barber track in Alabama, and I'm not talking about Vegas or Pikes Peak (that would be an asinine place to have a race of this caliber) But real race tracks like Road America or VIR, the AMA should really put their heads where they belong and work with the FIM and the Riders Federation and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I know my friends and I would be there along with many thousands of american fans.
I like Nicky, I like Honda. Colin EARNED that ride. I hope in the future Honda shows more loyalty to the customers, fans, riders and sport. Honda has proven itself a World Class company going on 4 decades now. If business is war, they seem to have needlessly turned one of their most (loyal?) determined and capable warriors against themselves. Maybe it's enough that one of their (class act?) World Champions won't be riding for them in '03. I'm not suggesting that anyone jump on their sword but if this bites them on the ass it would seem poetic justice. Either way this action looks to only improve what should be a fantastic '03 MotoGP season (the "Enemies" seem to be strenthening considerably with Max being their only "proven" improvement), one which Honda will probably win anyway, of course.
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You know it. If they win one race, I'll wear a Ducati hat for a week.
If Ducati wins one race, I'll wear a Ducati hat for a week and praise my allegedence to V-Twins :) i.e. I won't publish a flame bait post that says V-Twin.
Where were all of these fans when the Gp's were last in town? That was in the hayday of GP's too! The American public does not seem too interested in supporting a major race. I too woyld love to see the GP circus, but I doubt it'll happen anytime soon.
I vote Road America. Then I could actually get there to see it.
Re: Easy KPaul

One victory does not win a war...good thing because if it did we'd all be speaking German right now.

You could probably beat me on my FZ. Why? I'm too chicken to ride fast on the street. One crash due to poor riding and an off road excursion through some trees on a different occasion told me to stop riding past my abilities. Albeit the off roading was due to dragging hard parts...hmmmm...maybe I could beat you.

--The Fox, trying to figure out how to go to the track. Illinois sucks. So does the United States. Grr.
GP in USA and the televised crapfest that is AMA SBK

Part of this is due to lack of tracks. Our courses are simply too short to sustain adequate distances between bikes at such high speeds, with a couple exceptions.

Ever notice every AMA race has got people being lapped left and right? If we had 2:00 tracks as oppossed to 1:30 tracks, we'd be better off, safer, and might get the GP boys to show up.

That being said, I would not be suprised to see the MotoGP show up at Laguna sometime soon. The US is too big a market to ignore, and MotoGP is now the class driving marketing...I watched Superbike last year diligently, but MotoGP only if it was on and I was around. This year, It will be vice versa.

That being said, I cannot stand watching AMA SBK. Dave Despain is so annoying, race coverage sucks (remember live racing getting interrupted for NASCAR highlights?), no one seems interested in new blood that wasn't born and reared on a bike or isn't the son of someone who raced. It's so sad. Eric and Ben were the only two I cared about, as they seem the only two who deserve it.

But what do I know, I'm just talking out my ass. Sad though. AMA racing is depressing, feels meaningless, and victory for a privateer team seems impossible. It's so sad to see peoples love for racing get chewed up and spit out because of nepotism and bloodline.

--The Fox
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