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HST's Ashes

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"When the going gets weird the weird turn pro".....

A fitting end to a delirious and highly entertaining life.
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i guess it's fitting for someone who shot himself with his wife on the phone with him.
It is a ashame that people have such low self esteem and lack the ability to see through a self aggrandiising stoner like this loser. Good riddance to bad rubbish!
Not to be too critical, but it's probably not a good thing to assume you know anothers motives. Seeing things through the clouded glass of my own belief system has often caused knee-jerk reactions that usually need to be amended. Yes, HST probably became a prisoner of his own image and killing himself was a horrible thing for him to do to his family and friends. But, condeming someone for their actions, while not truely knowing the circumstances of those actions, is a mite narrow minded.

LIke it or not, HST influenced more writers than Joyce (those who can read and understand Ulysses are few and far between). Though his style was obviously gleaned from the beat writers, Keroiac and Burroughs, HST popularized the style and changed the face of journalism. Whether that was good or bad, I can't say. However, he made me laugh and helped many of us to see things beyond what our English teachers were capable of.

And, considering that you take you post-name from the Norse God of mischief, I wonder what you are complaining about. You might want to keep in mind that chaos isn't a choice, it's the natural state of the universe. HST simply put it into words.

As for low self esteem, that can be manifested in innumerable ways - from abject poverty to attempts of world domination...and, few ever really know the reasons for thier own actions.

"Who the Gods would destroy, first they make mad." Madness is a time-honored tradition of those who look beyond. Sometimes taking the peak is too much, and the rest of us are left to wonder.
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I'd have thought he would have wanted to be mixed in with chopped meat, herbs and spices and run through the sausage grinder one more time.
Well Said!

I can't believe anyone could call HST a "loser". I should be such a loser! He created a massive body of work and made a HUGE impact on the journalistic world along with a permanent mark on the thinking of his generation.

He made a good living and was able to do what he wanted. When his life was too painful to keep living, he ended it on his own terms, at a time of his choosing.

I hope I can say the same thing about my life, although I hope my death comes later and less violently!
Re: Well Said!

There is nothing wrong in a violent death. Such as crashing a bike or shooting one´s brains out.

A bad death is when you are tied in plastic tubes in your bed for a year and your thighs swell the size of your waist. Has happened to someone I know. Avoid at all costs.

A particularly good death I would say is a heart attack when drunk stoned on top of some **** in a sleazy backstreet joint in Rio.

- cruiz-euro
Re: Well Said!

His 5 year old grandson was in the house when he blew his brains out.

I don't know if you have children but scarring a little kid for life is not a noble way to end it all.

The true measure of a person's character is how they respond when things are not going well for them. Perhaps if he dedicated his life to being a good husband, father,grandfather his children wouldn't have had to scoop up his brain matter.
Re: Well Said!

My thoughts exactly.... His actions show that to the end he was obsessed with satisfying his id. No Superego for HST.

HST is the poster child for the Me generation.
Re: Well Said!

very Republican of you. One-size-fits-all mentalities like yours are why guys like HST choose to leave the building.
Re: Well Said!

While I think that HST was probably a pretty complex guy, there is nothing "Republican" about claiming that he was incredibly selfish and that his end was atrocious. The context in particular I find to add to the repulsiveness of the act.

Much of HST's behavior was reprehensible, and deserves our censure as a society. Although a little crazy goes with genius, as does selfishness (witness Picasso as a classic example), HST wasn't replicable - normal people couldn't do what he did in life.

In any case, the reason he left the building was that the degredation of his faculties and physical condition had finally reached for him an intolerable point - it had nothing to do with "people like you" or "mentalities like yours". He said as much to his wife.

So you can bash a guy, but identifying his "mentality" as a root cause in HST's death is just stupid, and it doesn't even stand up to 30 seconds of trivial consideration.

In my will, it specifies that a catapult shall be built, my body loaded into the launcher, set afire, and slung across the river onto the local country club golf course. I'm guessing this won't happen, but then again, I won't be around to care...

I enjoyed a couple of his books, loved Song of the Sausage Creature--I owned a Duc 900ss at the time. His later works were disappointing, but his Editorials for ESPN Page 2 clearly showed he could still write well about something for which he had a passion.


Cheney [looking over HSA report]: Looks like Thompson's writing something again and it's not gonna be very flattering...

Rumsfeld: This is terrible news--what the hell are we going to do about ths??? I'll tell you what we're going to do, we're gonna take the bastard out and give the nation's freakazoids something to cry into their mescaline tainted beer about, that's what!

Rice: Yeah, but make sure when you off da b!tch, it looks like an accident... or suicide...
Re: Well Said!

"The true measure of a person's character is how they respond when things are not going well for them. Perhaps if he dedicated his life to being a good husband, father,grandfather his children wouldn't have had to scoop up his brain matter."

that's bout as republican as it gets. i'd say that a life's worth of Super Bowls and kentucky derbies and Nixonian politics was what drove HST to do the things that added up to his demise.
Re: Well Said!

...Or he might have just taken them all out (wife, kids, etc.)-we'll never know for sure, will we? did I know this topic would devolve?...
Re: Well Said!

How sad that a statement like that is met with derision from you.

I didn't realize I was making a "Republican" statement. I'm quite certain some of my "liberal" friends live their lives the same way.
Re: Well Said!

right. i missed the fox broadcast that said HST was not a loving father, husband, etc, but the stuff i saw said the opposite. Republican in that it's easy to assume other people don't love their families as much as we do. Makes it easier to bomb the ***** out of them i suppose.
Anyone here remember reading Thompson's Hell's Angels? Though not focused on bikes per se, that is a book any MOron would enjoy.

Ride with God, HJS

Re: Well Said!

nice that you can accuse someone of a mass generalization and follow it up with your own mass generalization.

I didn't make any political commentary at all and I certainly didn't ascribe any family virtues to one particular political party. How you inferred that from what I said is a mystery to me. Maybe Republicans don't commit suicide or something.
Re: Well Said!

also interesting you guys will never just admit when u r wrong.
I read it. Pretty good book.
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