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Husky SM610: Good Canyon Bike?

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I haven't ridden one but from what I read it is one of the Best canyon bikes. Light weight to power ratio, great brakes, and great handling.
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Its the rider not the bike.

Its the rider not the bike.

In the hands of a pro a Honda Gold Wing can leave all the Squids far far behind.

I seen it many times out here at Canyon lake, Super Squid gets new super bike, is left behind when the road gets twisty by Suzuki GS500, HD 1200, even a well ridden Gold Wing.
Re: Its the rider not the bike.

I'm not a pro, but I definitely ride faster in the twisties when I'm riding a sport bike, as opposed to the cruisers or sport tourers I've owned in the past. Even a pro can only get so much lean angle from a cruiser or a goldwing.
It is supposed to be smoother than the KTM but I've known too many Husky owners who had trouble with their engine internals. I'd wait to see how the SM is holding up before I bought one.
Very good. I've got the DP version (TE610), and it's really fun on tight and twisties. About 50 rwhp, 324lb fully gassed, so it's relatively quick out of corners.

Don't expect to run high speeds, the aerodynamics suck compared to a sport bike.

Really quick to flick into corners, makes a 600 feel overweight.

The stock saddle sucks though...

Go to, there is a Husky forum. There also a few SM forums (fora in real English / Latin...), where a number of the members are on 610s. Search Thumpertalk, should be links to them.

Also, the Thumpers forum on has some very useful info, especially for the TE (same basic bike).
Re: Its the rider not the bike.

Yes, very true, but I just had to comment on the wide gap of rider ability we all see out there on a daily basis.

When you see a kid bragging about how fast he is on a given road on his new GSX-R, RR, R1, etc then you look at his back tire and it has a chicken strip on each side 6 inches wide and then you leave in behind riding a Gold Wing you know who I'm talking about.

I'm all for new riders to the sport and I'm by far not the best rider out there, I'm just sick of the crap flying out of these punks mouth at every stop about how fast they are.
Real information, from real 610 owners? The motor is basically the traditional Husky motor reworked for the street and more power.

3K service intervals, which is good for this type of bike.

The 450/510 are the newer, more high-strung motors.

There were a few issues with the first lot of 610s, but lots of guys have a fair bit of mileage on them now. Mine has been fine so far, and I plan to do a 3K mile tour on it next year (mostly off-pavement).

Ideal TransAm trail bike, or Great Divide trail bike, with some basic mods for luggage and fuel tank capacity.
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You should just go out and buy a GSXR-600. We have been told by idiot after idiot that a 600 sportbike is the only bike you should buy. Everything else is a bad bike and you would be wasting your money.

Also go to and/or Tons of info...I just went through the same decision process. I got the '06 KTM 625SMC. It vibrates more, and doesn't have some of the niceties the Husky has, but it's dead reliable and the dealer network is much better. It's a rip.

Also, as someone mentioned above: Yes, it's the rider that matters most. But, you're not looking to race, so YOU are the only rider you're worried about. You will find an SM a blast in the tight stuff. Keep speeds below 80'ish, and you'll have a blast! Too much fun...
We sell 'em. We ride 'em. Take a test ride and find out. I took one out for a week end. With the uderstanding that I'm a 250lbs. guy, I railed on this bike. Foot out, flat track style riding all over the N. GA hills. One of the coolest bikes to play with. Just don't get stuck in the frame of mind that this can be a daily rider. It doesn't do distance without creating personal pain to one's self. But FUN- H&ll yes.
Re: Its the rider not the bike.

If you have seen the Deals Gap video of the guy on the yellow Goldwing, the point is made. I don't know too many guys that can run that pace on any bike.
I gotta hand to ya Fenton, you're almost as funny as me.
Wow, Fenton is breaking out the Way Back Machine with the references now!
If the Husky had a pushrod v-twin, I'd buy it. Singles suck (and thump and throb) unless they have a kickstarter like my 1951 BSA Gold Star did - it was the best and I rode it on street, desert hare & hounds and half mile flat track. Try that on your GSXR1000.
Re: Its the rider not the bike.

Please send the link of that video, would love to see it.
Re: Its the rider not the bike.

I googled it and it's a different goldwing and not close in talent. You may find it here;
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