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Re: Husqvarna

Actually, in the entire rest of the world, and in almost all branches of 2 wheel motorsport - all of which which tend to run to FIM regulations mostly -a yellow flag with a diagonal black cross on it is the last lap flag, and a white flag means 'warning, slow moving intervention vehicle on track'. It is usually only shown in conjunction with reds to indicate a race stoppage due to a major incident and an ambulance on track heading for the scene of the carnage. In endurance racing and at the TT you occasionally get the white with just waved yellows, but I doubt that ever happens much in a motocross race...

The white flag for last lap is a purely American thing. I don't know why the flag signals are so similar between the US and the rest of the world but differ in that one crucial respect...

Ken Haylock
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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