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Hyabusa-Great Touring Bike

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Woo-hoo (hopefully) first post.

I rode one once for about 40 miles. I thought the same thing. Very refined, not scary at all. Very linear power. Kind of goofy fairing, but overall, a very nice bike.
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Thanks for the info Glarepolish. Since I have only 27,000 miles of experience on all a very forgiving 01 ZX-6R Ninja, needless to say I have always been a little intimidated of the Busa. However, I will give it another look. Seems like if you put Corbin beetle bags on it that it would be a great long distance tourer. I love the looks of the Busa. Thanks man good info..

longride have you past the 600 mile break in point on your Busa????. Remember though 1000 mi of Chicago Mileage is equal to 1 mi of Pacific NW mileage though...:) ..
I think the only drawback might be fuel mileage if you have too much fun with the throttle.

The ZX-12 I rode could really suck down the gas and the roll-ons were hopelessly addicting.

My benchmark typically is 200 miles per tank which my Ducati can do and my Geezer Glide can come close to doing.
I hear ya. I'm going down the slippery slope of technology and unless I get my '70 Tiger running again, I may not get back to reality.

I've always thought the H'busa would be the perfect touring bike since riding FI, 4-cylinder (and 3-cyl), 6-speed sportbikes - Triumphs. I rode an old '97 GSXR 750 yesterday and loved it!.

Yup, when Triumph makes a "Buza" (comes with ale tap) I'm there!!
I was ready to buy when they first came out. After a quick ride I realized there was too much vibration in the bars. However, not near as bad as my FJR I bought instead!?
Thanks for posting this, I'm currently on high centre between a 'busa and a Daytona 955i, and this may help get me off the fence. I was wondering what kind of fuel mileage one can expect from the 'busa"?
Anywhere near the speed limit on the highway you get about 45 mpg.
I have about 2000 miles on it, so I have 2 Pacific NW miles.
The Busa get really good mileage. Ham-fisted commuting will get me in the low 30's, but highway trips, even at 90+ average speed never netted lower than 40 mpg. With a 5.5 gallon tank it's right there for 200 with some cushion.
I know several guys who have fitted them out for touring and not one complains about it. After all, inverted forks, less than 500 pounds, reasonable seat height, fully adjustable suspension - - what's not to like? I've even considered getting one myself. One of the guys I talked to said that the biggest advantage is that two up with a full load of luggage, you still had plenty of pickup for passing. The s**t-eating grin he had informed me that he was just joking with me. Obviously, lack of power is not a problem on the Hayabusa.

I expect my problems with the bike might be

1. keeping myself from accelerating insanely at any opportunity, and

2. refraining from making the slight change that gives you an honest top speed of around 200 MPH.

Honestly, they are dead nuts reliable, superb mounts, unless you get into racing, drag or otherwise. And the squids don't try to drag race with you.

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Quite a bit of difference between a Daytona and a 'Busa, don't you think?
I didn't know that doing donuts in Snohomish county cul-de-sacs were so challenging.
Obviously someone has never ridden the Dan Ryan - now under construction, as always, and scarey as hell.

The Busa's soap-bubble lines help its fuel economy and top speed. Round is better at subsonic speeds, and that is why the Busa has always out-performed the Kaw - even thought the Kaw has a power advantage. It's amazing how much wind resistance effects performance on motorcycles; and even more amazing how so many companies seem to ignore "Aeros."

Okay, aeros can be ugly - ie. the 94 series Saab, one of the most aerodynamic cars of its day (one the first cars ever to be designed in a wind tunnel) and ugly as a sea goat.
Funny. I just think we have more curves on U.S. 2 in WA state then the entire state of Illinois...
yes, i'm conflicted...i've got primo canyons outside my door when i'm working (big bend national park area), but i also have 2+ hours on the interstate to deal with anytime i want to ride home on a weekend.
If you mean scary traffic I would agree that Chicago traffic is way more scary/mile.... than polite laid back Seattle. But it is congested out here...not as bad as LA but getting there. People are still moving here. Did I mention it rains 11 months out of the year. So people should know that before they move out here...i.e stop comming...
Sorry for so much input, but I'm not around much anymore.

So I'm sorta wondering how often your Busa finds itself at, or near, the speed limit.
I hope that you're keeping track of all the particulars for a review.

It's just a light drizzle most of the time. With highs around 75 in August, the place is wonderful. I lived the past two years in Lynden, just North of Bellingham. Just a little cooler and less humid than Charleston, SC where I live now.
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