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I know several guys who have fitted them out for touring and not one complains about it. After all, inverted forks, less than 500 pounds, reasonable seat height, fully adjustable suspension - - what's not to like? I've even considered getting one myself. One of the guys I talked to said that the biggest advantage is that two up with a full load of luggage, you still had plenty of pickup for passing. The s**t-eating grin he had informed me that he was just joking with me. Obviously, lack of power is not a problem on the Hayabusa.

I expect my problems with the bike might be

1. keeping myself from accelerating insanely at any opportunity, and

2. refraining from making the slight change that gives you an honest top speed of around 200 MPH.

Honestly, they are dead nuts reliable, superb mounts, unless you get into racing, drag or otherwise. And the squids don't try to drag race with you.

1 - 1 of 85 Posts
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