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Hyabusa-Great Touring Bike

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Woo-hoo (hopefully) first post.

I rode one once for about 40 miles. I thought the same thing. Very refined, not scary at all. Very linear power. Kind of goofy fairing, but overall, a very nice bike.
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Re: INSURANCE for a Hyabusa

WHAT???? Who are you is your carrier and do you have full coverage? Oh and where do you live?
How 'bout it, MO! This post seems to beg for a review :)

As I read through this thread (does that make me a poet, or did I blow it?) I found myself desiring a professional review of said beast. When I turned to THE SOURCE (MO) for good info on every bike on the market, I found that my favorite website had posted its most recent review on the Hayabusa in '99 when it was as powerful as the current liter offerings. Here's your first vote for a brand new review of the Zook.

I love kissing ass :*

Re: INSURANCE for a Hyabusa

Full coverage, Chicago burbs, State Farm.
Re: INSURANCE for a Hyabusa

You ran off and got married without inviting me?

I was denied the chance to hit on a bridesmaid or vomit at the reception!

I use State Farm for my coverage as well and haven't found anyone less expensive.
Thanks for the input rmdower, I guess I’ll put the sprint on the list to check out when I make the pilgrimage from Presidio, TX to Albuquerque where the nearest triumph dealer that keeps any stock is located.
What about my idea of upgrading to a last gen ZX9? In a drag race I think the 9 wins till 140 or so. Just a guess there. As for top end, that is something belonging to theory. In practice if you were to occasionally take either to the top for a few moments a few times do you really think the experience of say 175 vs 186 is subjectively different?
I always thought the Busa, ZX12R, Blackbird and ZZR would make a good SPORT-Tourer test, I even volunteered to help.
Re: INSURANCE for a Hyabusa

Yeah I got married. I am coming out there in 3 weeks. Going to take a little southwest tour. We gotta hook up some time while I am out there.
I have an 04 955i that I'm still breaking-in (450 miles so far). But I can give you some initial impressions.It's a beautiful bike (yellow), and has a great sounding engine. (people always compliment me on the bike wherever I go, even non-bikers, it really turns heads) Lots of leg room, but the handlebars are to low for me. So I'm thinking about installing a set of converti-bars. The bike makes a lot of noise (Sounds like a diesel :)) at startup, but quiets down to a very cool sounding idle after a few minutes. It also makes a very loud tweeting noise that I'm told is the fuel pump. It's noticable (and somewhat annoying)at idle, but seems to add to the triple's wail when accelerating. I've never ridden a 'busa, so I can't comment on it, but the Triumph should have much better handling due to its weight advantage. Oh' and I've been gettting about 45 miles to a gallon (mixed city/hwy). All-in-all I'm very happy with the bike. And I'd recommend it to anyone. Hope this helps!
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I'm with you flatspin. I just bought a leftover 02 955i and I love it. Check out the the handle bars from Cyclecat. I'm 6'4" with long arms so I'll probably stay stock but I was planning to get the set-up if I needed to raise the grips.
Rapier-I'm not sure if you're addressing me or not, but...I've never ridden the Hayabusa, but just sitting on it feels comfortable to me. A lot like my ZX-6, which I bought because it had the least "ass in the air" position, and I can ride from LA to San Fran. I actually thought about the ZX-9 before I bought the 6 in 2000. The 6 was a few grand cheaper. You know, you're right. I should consider the 9. If I could get one for about 5 grand, that wouldn't be so bad. I think the reason I haven't considered it is I never hear/see anything about it. Never see them used. I'll have to look into it some more. If I got it, then I'd have TWO track bikes! Although, with limited money, I really should expand a little. One Ninja, one Harley, one Ducati....I'm supposed to have bikes that serve different purposes..
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Re: INSURANCE for a Hyabusa

I'll email my phone number to you.

You and your woman can ride with me and my woman.
Re: INSURANCE for a Hyabusa

I'm paying $300 a year for my 04 955i. If you go with State Farm, they cut you a real good deal on motorcycle ins. if you have other policies through them. My car ins is about $150 a year more but I would have paid over $1400 a year for a liter bike with Allstate (My previous insurer) FYI im a 42 year old male with no tickets or points.
So let me get this straight, kpaul - when I compared the torque numbers of an '01 SV-650 and an '01 ZX-6R, you told me my numbers were WRONG, and then quoted the numbers of an '03 ZX-6R. And then you proceeded to brag about the performance of your - '01 ZX-6R .

That about right?
Nice to hear about someone trying something out of character. I often wonder how many cruiser riders there would be out there if everyone got the chance to ride a sport-tourer for a while.

I have been using my '97 TL1000S as a sport touring machine for several years now and it works great. Lots of photos and pics on this rig at

Taking a 1995 Triumph Daytona 1200 on the 3 Flags Run (TJ to Calgary) in less than 2 weeks.

What's all the excitement about?

Joe Berk
I'm not sure I'm adressing you either. With all that talk of a Harley. I just want to make a general point. If your flexible enough and hard core enough to use a 75% full on sport bike for touring then the ZX9 deserves consideration. For me I cannot take the agressive if still not totally dedicated riding position which I think is close to the Busas.

The last gen ZX9, 02 and 03, was a great bike. With adjustable ride hieght and great brakes along with that ripping motor. It was dismissed by the entire magazine world for being too big and middle of the road, etc. etc. in all the shootouts. While that was fair I suppose in a lmiited way it makes a lot more sense to view it as an all around bike.

Read Motorcycle Dailies review of it.
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lol, sounds like fun aye? 4 fast bikes in a remote, early winter, desert. A radar gun...
A leftover '02?! Someone actually still had an '02 on the floor in 2005? Where's that?
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