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78hp! Well, whaddaya know...

Looks like the Koreans know how to lie. too. I couldn't find that number in any of the pieces I read. But if it's out there, it's probably inflated. I'm pretty sure that Suzuki rates the new SV at 70+hp and that's probably a lie. How Hyosung is gonna get those extra poinies for a lower price, I'd like to know. Considering the SV is notorious for peaky accelleration - and they've been building motorcycles forever -I gotta wonder just how unruly the GT650's trottle would be when it's pushing 10% more.

Dollars to a donut, I'd go with the Suzuki. But if Sean and company review the GT650 and it has the extra power, smooth accelleration and a lower price, we'd all be fools not to consider it. I have my doubts, though.

As for the Fischer, who knows when we'll ever see that? They were talking about turbo-charging the little 650 and maybe pushing 90+hp. Last I checked, no turbo bikes have ever cautht on. Still, the combination of V-twin thrumb and turbo whine, might just sound pretty cool - kinda like a cello being backed-up by a rhythm section (as the similes rear thier ugly heads).
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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