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Hyosung GT650 vs. Suzuki SV650

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Nice article. Once again, first post biatches!
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It makes club racing more affordable at this level/price..
Is anyone else as shocked as I am at how much better the Hyo looks than the SV?

I'm sittin' here wonderin' how hyo out suzuki'd suzuki in the looks department...

and it also bring up the question... how awesome would the new gixxer1000 look if it was red... and didn't have all those ugly stickers on it.
On the technical side couldn't they tell you the bore and stroke of the Hyosung? you have engine - 650cc, a bit more info please.
Yeah, I keep getting these stupid error messages too. Please fix, as I'd kinda like to read the article.
I run Firefox also and I'm getting the same error. I'll try Explorer and report back.
I can't get the link to work something about a parse error?? None the less I am boycotting Korea. It seams that in Korea eating cats and dogs is the in thing. But the problem is that Korean think the dogs taste better if they are tortured to death. So the dogs have their joints pulled apart etc. while alive and allowed to suffer horrendous pain for a few hours until the coup de Grace is delivered. It is my understanding that this is illegal but the laws are not enforced. Sorry for getting off topic but I the purposeful infliction of pain and suffering on animals, children, the elderly …anyone…is a moral imperative that I an unable to ignore.
Off Topic

Say... It's July 23rd... So what's up at Buell? Aren't we supposed to get the new bike today?
Well done, and thanks for the sidebar...

MO, well done!

I especially like the side bar on Amy. Don't know how many time's I have read articles in other mags and they mention other people in an article and never follow through on who they are.

Well DONE!!
Before any one comments

And I should have said.

It's nice to see a real woman motorcyclist in your magazine who is actually out there riding her motorcycle!!
Re: Off Topic

I agree ,I heard it,s called the ulyesses and I have been up since 5:30 am waitng.
1st post should only count if you have something worthy to .02
Re: Off Topic

Two so called "new" bikes; Ulysses (semi-offroad touring bike) and XB12Ss (stretched wheelbase). So much for the rumored dualsport/supermotard 650cc Blast. :(

And to stay on topic; I'll let the Hyosung's build up some miles and years to see how they wear over time before I'll open my wallet. I have a feeling they will improve rapidly if they follow the Korean car makers. Hyundai Sonata was the most reliable car made of any manufacturer last year. BMW 7-series were the worst. Huh,...kinda funny,....hehehe.
3 Reasons not to go GT650

Resale, resale and resale.
Re: 3 Reasons not to go GT650

Resale only matters if you're planning on selling it in 10 years or less. What would actually be more likely to keep me from buying one would be dealer network (or lack thereof) and parts availability, both mentioned in the article.

Great job Gabe, and kudos to MO for scooping the test before the print rags. VWW
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