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hyosung gv650

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any one have an gv650 that can enlighten me on its performance and handleing...i was intrested in the hyosung avitar when it first came out, and was noe eyeing one the hother day... i mostly travle local, being i ride and 250 legend. but want to go on longer rides with others, just wandering if the gv650 avitar is a wurthy bike, can you make me wiser?....
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Tanx man, that article was very intresting and informative.
it sounds like a good bike to take in concideration, in my decission on choices. the sportster and shadow are two others ive foccust on also. although the hyosung avitar has a tupperware shell, and a so called v-rod immitation look to it, ive find my self looking more in its direction.its value also appeals to me.ive found my self sitting on it at a dealer, and felt like the shoe fit. just like the sportster did, you just cant get over the fact that harleys are cool though. yet i have no hatred towards metrics, they have made a strong name and good quality bikes. i do wish to here from those of you that do oun a hyosung avitar to give me more of your longer rides and oun every day rideing experiance of the bike, to further my desire of knowledge for bikes in general,...thank you....thewanderer:cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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