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I Hate winter...

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I just want to ride. When im driving down the road i fantasize that i am riding, but it is icy and snowy and im sad and depressed.
I think im going to buy a triumph this spring. I like sidercars, im thinking about a Ural too, but i dont know anything about them other than that they are BMW-esque. SWMBO says shell roll in a sidecar but not on my bike...iurfiuhvifviubfipuhgfweiohgh.....winter sucks...homebrewin' is great. It just tastes better, like home cookin'.
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"Seriously - we have guys up in Alaska and Canada who are still riding."

Fine, as long as they are riding in the middle of nowhere. John there lives in Cleveland. I said it before and it is worth repeating that anyone that rides on snow and ice in an urban area is a complete idiot. ShingleJohn, it is much better to be depressed than run over by a truck that can't stop. DO NOT listen to people that say it is safe. It isn't. Wait until the roads are dry and then ride. Don't be an idiot.
I ride in winter all the time because I use a freaking snowmobile. Riding a bike on ice? You could put paddles and pontoons on and ride on water too, but since they make boats why would you? You could probably cobble some wings and a fan blade on and fly a motorcycle too, but since they make airplanes, why TF would you?
I went riding for an hour a week ago between storms, the temps warmed up enough to cleared up the ice and snow off the roads and the rain hadn't set in yet, now we have monsoon rain and snow melt flooding the sh*t out of everything. Supposed to be a drying trend starting today so I'm going to try to ride in tomorrow, between snow storms and heavy rain I've been stuck driving for a month, I didn't even get out of four wheel drive for a week with this last go'round.
We get a few days of +40 and most of the ice melts and just when I'm thinking, "Hey! I can go for a ride tomorrow!", it plummets back to 15 degrees overnight and another freaking snowstorm blows through. #[email protected]! the weather gods!
I'd sooner poke my eye out with a bum's frostbitten index finger than move back to Florida.
I'm with you. The lousy winters in Utah pay for themselves up here by keeping all those left wing wackos who live and work in Oakland from moving here.
Please tell me you either ski or snowboard.
Some cross country skiing, yes. We snowshoe too. Well, it's like snowshoe up the mountain, have lunch and then ski down. It's pretty cheap that way. Well actually it's free. Though the resorts try to convince people to pay to do the same thing on their property. I can still carry enough beer myself.
I second BrowningBAR's comment. I do ride all year long. Temps are not the limiting factor, nor is rain. The prob we've been having here along the eastern seaboard is rain (lots of rain) with plummiting overnight temps. You wake up and there are ICE puddles everywhere.

As a matter of fact, I was driving to work yesterday. A construction truck (water tanker) had been leaking, leaving a trail of water on the road that had frozen, leaving a winding trail of ice a mile long. I kept thinking, "Man I'm glad I didn't ride today!"
Why are we still discussing this? No one needs to justify a decision not to ride motorcycles in icy conditions. The people who do ride in icy conditions are the ones who still haven't justified their behavior properly.
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