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Hello Everybody.
I found a bike for sale on this website Classifieds > Motorcycles > Arizona - the seller asking for $2,500 plus $500 for shipping so the total of $3,000. I and him communicate by email for almost one week and he ask me to wire the money to him by using western union because right now he is on his vacation in UK.. and he told me his family member will ship me the bike to my address in Phoenix, AZ.

After I send him the money and he stop talking to me and he is not ship me the bike..

Yesterday I found out that the same bike he still listed for sale but on California here is the listing now Classifieds > Motorcycles > California -
Can some people please help me with this case,, how do I ask him to ship me the bike that I already paid him,, or refund me money back.

Please help
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