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I want a Honda Transalps

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Be an American fergodsake and get a Uly.
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Move to Europe where we have everything. Bring me a Honda Rune while you are at it.

- cruiz-euro

I've seen a couple pop up on Ebay from canada...
those look pretty sweet. i wouldnt mind one myself.

however having seen that review for the new klr650 i think i may be hooked. would love something like that made by honda though. not that i could afford it..
I want a Honda Deauville. Same deal as the Transalps. They don't bring it to the U.S. Load of something...
Just get a used TDM850. Infinitely better bike.

Every time someone rolls up on a US legal Transalp, I just know they're going to be a fanboy twit. And they always are.
We don't need no stinking Transalp. What we need is for Suzuki to get off their butts and build a real off-road chassis for the SV650 engine. The bike could be no heavier than the KLR650 and have power like a rocket ship.

The DL650 is just an SV650 engine in a DL1000 chassis. The only thing they changed is to make the seat less comfortable so short people could reach the ground easier. All the weight savings comes from the lighter engine and only having a muffler on one side.
How does it feel to want?
How is this bike different than the Suzuki V-Strom? Seems like V-Strom is more modern version of the same concept.
You don't, really you don't. If you want the Honda trail-style adventure bike that Europeans really like, get an Africa Twin instead.
The TDM is a totally cool bike, I don't know what Yamaha was thinking when they pulled them.

I guess if your hearts set on a Transalp you could try getting one they sent to those Godless heathen commies up in The Peoples Republic of Kanada.

Be careful though buying parts, no true blue Amurican Honda dealer would stock or sell parts to a trotskyite 'sikkle.
Isnt the Transalp running a modified ascot plant from the 80's?
Same 583cc V-twin that the Shadow VLX has. Though I think the Transalp has a bit more power.
You should be able to find a used one. Weren't they imported to the US for 2 years? I know several owners who like them for two up gravel roading, but compared to the Wee Strom, they do lack power.
The TransAlp never sold well in the US but there are a few around if you want a used one. I'd agree that the WeeStrom or the new KLR would be better supported alternatives, depending on what mix of street/trail you were buying for.

Talking with one of the Kawasaki people at Sears Point this weekend I asked him when Kawi was bringing the Versys to the US... he said when the bike and the price point were presented at the dealer show the dealers killed it. The dealers know what sells here.

Well, they know what THEY want to sell here, anyhoo.
At this rate, Ima haveto buy one used. If one can be found.

Yeah, I really like the Uly.........
At this rate, Ima haveto buy one used. If one can be found.

Yeah, I really like the Uly.........
The bike's so nice, I had to say it TWICE!
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