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I want a Yamaha MT-01 !!

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First "First Post" ever!!
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Wait a year. I wouldn't be surprised if they send a few over for 2006. Keep your eye on Buell though in the mean time 'cause I hear they will be introducing something new around the 3rd week of July.
Not only that, but Harley stock is going to go into a tailspin ANY TIME NOW!

Used HD's will be a dime-a-dozen!

You heard it here first!

(Is anyone keeping track of how many times Harley has been forecast to be on the precipice?)
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You're so right, they won't be worth thier weight in scrap iron!
Come on man, spill the beans. Give us a hint at least.
As much as I love Yamaha's, I'm betting they'll do the same thing with the MT-01 as they did with the FJR. They'll wait a year to get feedback on the bike and see how much interest there is based on the amount of b*tching and complaining they receive. Then, they'll institute a stupid ordering system which completely removes the drive by shopper from ever buying one. Once someone buys one (like I did with the FJR) they'll make all the important tweaks to the bike "after" it has been here a year or so, instead of doing it before it ever lands on our shores! "What a great way to stick it to the initial buyers who stuck their necks out to buy the first allotments!" However, I could be wrong. They might just make the intelligent decision to bring it over the same year they come out with a whole new V-Max.......the year 2999.
Invade Europe and annex it. It shouldn't take much more than a .22 pistol and a bad scowl.

Once your ears stop ringing from all the "I Surrender!"'s, you should be able to get any motorcycle you want.
Probably get a few women and a chateau in the south of France, too. Problem is, the citizens of the great European Socialist Republic will expect Allbikes to start taking care of them. He won't have any time to ride.
I don't know anything more than that. Got the info off the Badweather XB board.
But... the consequences!

I don't know Buz. If he invades Europe he's liable to receive a very sternly worded letter of disapproval from the United Nations.
Re: But... the consequences!

Don't you think sternly worded is a bit "ugly American?"

It would be more like a gift certificate to a day spa that doesn't offer hot stone massage.
They're already not worth their weight in scrap iron, at least not to me anyway.
THAT'S freakin' FUNNY!!!
all right!

yes, I'll take over Europe, but I'm not drinking the water and I'm still gonna take a shower every day!

back to the point of the post.

wouldn't this be the same as getting a gray market car?

you know.. used ones can be brought over, even when new ones aren't?

I know some stuff will have to be changed. i.e. headlight change, EPA stuff done. etc.

does anyone have a hook with a Yamaha dealer/importer?

I wanna be the first one on my block with a MT-01
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Re: But... the consequences!

It's not an invasion anymore, that's so cold war.....The correct phrase is "Regime Change" to facilitate "Nation Building"

If you think Mexican illegals are a problem wait till you deal with hordes of Eastern Europeans flooding into your workers paradise. You'll wish you just bought a Buell and been done with it.

Or a "Midnight Warrior" (snork), sounds like a condom...
I love the picking on france thing, reminds me of skinny guys in cokebottle glasses yelling from ringside HIT EM HIT EM. Wonder how US attitude toward war would be if we had germany where mexico is and maybe england instead of canada? Know how many young war widows there were in France in 1918? 620,000! out of a population much smaller than U.S. that would've been the time to visit france with a few hershey bars...

If I wanted a good grey market Yamaha Twin I'd find a TDM 850. lighter faster and probably better handling than an MT01, and you'd have a hope of finding some support for it.
Yeah, but they were all half starved and smelled bad.
Please refrain from making fun of Europe in general, and specifically, France. It upsets JB.
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