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As much as I love Yamaha's, I'm betting they'll do the same thing with the MT-01 as they did with the FJR. They'll wait a year to get feedback on the bike and see how much interest there is based on the amount of b*tching and complaining they receive. Then, they'll institute a stupid ordering system which completely removes the drive by shopper from ever buying one. Once someone buys one (like I did with the FJR) they'll make all the important tweaks to the bike "after" it has been here a year or so, instead of doing it before it ever lands on our shores! "What a great way to stick it to the initial buyers who stuck their necks out to buy the first allotments!" However, I could be wrong. They might just make the intelligent decision to bring it over the same year they come out with a whole new V-Max.......the year 2999.
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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