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I want a Yamaha MT-01 !!

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First "First Post" ever!!
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History Check: The Blue House

The symbolic center of US politics and the home of the President of the United States. Burned to the ground by mixed Canadian/British troops after the unsuccessful attempt by the fledgling US army to invade Canada at several points across the Niagara river. It was replaced by the White House, the new color ostensibly signifying that no such stain would ever be revisited upon the home of the President ever again.

So, if you preening nancy boys down south want another dose of smackmouth, just come on up. We haven't had a hockey season this year and I guarantee you what we lack in numbers, we'll make up in ferocity. We saw that that little French colony did to you boys with some bamboo, baling twine and a rusty knife, so we think we're ahead of the game. We've got lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks and curling brooms, positively light years ahead in the arms race, relatively speaking.
Wait a second. Aren't you required to post all insults in both French and English?
They waived that requirement, but just in Montana North (Alberta). We can't roll our "r"s out here on the prairie. It's a genetic thing.
Ahem, not sure if it matters.


A friend of mine works in US Customs (shipping/container inspection) on the west coast.

He's also an avid rider, the guy primarily responsible for me getting into riding.

Anyway, he inspected, by chance, a container coming into the US from europe (Belgium, IIRC). Inside said container, along with a bunch of other stuff, was a big crate marked "BUELL", headed to Corbin Industries. Finding it rather odd that a Buell was getting shipped from belgium in a container full of non-moto-related-stuff, he cracked open the crate.

Inside was a shiny new Yamaha MT-01.

Just give it some time. If theyre already sending them to aftermarket companies for parts development, we'll be getting them.
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41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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