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Idaho Veterans Honored with Motorcycle License Plate.

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I just moved to NC from NY and had to re-register all of my vehicles. There are a ton of specialized plates for autos but basicaly bupkis for your MC except maybe a Harley Owners Group plate. I would have loved to get one of those nice Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation plates they make for autos for my bike. Oh well- I'm used to being in the minority class I guess. NY was not much better, though I think there were 2 or three options for MC's (including one for a vet?) if I remember correctly.
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Bupkis, didn't he play for the Bears?
One would think that the state would give veterans those special plates for risking life and limb for our country. Instead they must pay extra. The people of Idaho should be ashamed of their government.
The vanity plate deal has become a major revenue producer for state motor vehicle departmments at our expense. An OK idea when first introduced for those who find it necessary to make whatever the hell statement they need to make to fellow drivers/riders. But it quickly escalated from a minor fee to its current extortionary levels. I gave it up in 1982 when NYS tried to bill me for two (2) years at $70.00, plus the standard fee and use taxes. I can't comprehend why anyone would voluntarilly pay these exorbitant charges to any government entity. As for the vets plate, no government agency is going to absorb the cost of producing these "special" plates for literally millions of vets, unless they're forced to by their respective state legislatures. In that case, we would still pay the cost through confiscatory taxes hidden in some 200 page enabling legislation, which we never see. I'm a vet, and frankly, I don't have to make that statement to some socker mom behind me in an SUV. I see the whole thing as part of the logo silliness that seems to obsess our culture. Let's put an end to it NOW!
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Why must we pay the state to license our vehicles all? Doesn't that impinge on our freedom to travel?
New Mexico has veterans plates for both cars and motorcycles for $15 extra.
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