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If motorcycles were cars...

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Who cares?
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1970s Saab?.......T100 Bonneville.

Btw, check out the gear for the Bonneville at Very cool stuff.
Volvo wagon - Silverwing: practical, spacious, solid. (or maybe a PC800?) Of course, if we're talking about the V70R, then I might go with a VFR, FJR1300, or Futura instead.

1970s Saab - CBX: awkward, off-putting, hard not to love.

Mini - Polini 911.
I sort of thought of Harley as the Cadillac Eldorado convertible. Big, comfortable, not very fast, with the wind in your hair.

hear hear on the harley (laughs)

I think the Mini would be, dare I say it, a buell lightning... small, different, pretty quick.

The 70's saab would be the ducati sport 1000, possibly a ktm duke... just because it's coming from a company thats not really known for sport type bikes.

The volvo station wagon would be a bmw k1200 LT. ugly as they come, but no one can deny their comfort and reliability.

my .02$
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what the heck is an 'aston villa'?

i mean, besides an english soccer team?

did you mean Aston Martin?
A coworker calls my Burgman a mini van motorcycle
Hope I don't offend anyone but the Miata is more of a hairdressers car. Looks sporty but really is slow, isn't that comfortable, doesn't really excel at anything.

Civc SI VW '06 golf GTI are better comparisons, fast, fun, pratical, and comfortable.
I was thinking more of both of them as sporty/practical everyday vehicles for newer/younger people, with a large "cult" following, lots of modding, and amatuer racing.
1970's Saab?

Geez, I already used that anology, I think. Moto Guzzi is the Saab of motorcycling.
Speaking as a Silverwing owner, you read my mind on that.
I heard they were cheap to maintain and run around a track though because they don't go through tires. I think it's the near 50/50 weight distribution and rear-wheel drive part that's responsible for that. I'm sure it helps that the car is underpowered. I think a WRX is a better way to go, but then I guess it isn't convertable...
Re: 1970's Saab?

Really? I always liked Moto Guzzi.
The Mini of motorcycles would be the new Vespa GTS 250. It's very stylish, works great, and costs way more than it should.

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