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Imola WSB Results

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From reading the scuttlebutt from Imola, it looks like Ducati is offering Xaus the opportunity to stay in WSB on the Duc, or go to AMA SBK w/ the Ducati Austin team (on factory 999). I hope he comes over here. AMA needs some good, exciting international talent - talent that won't turn their backs on an autograph seeking 12 year old or a camera toting TV interviewer.
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I have heard of the possibility of Xaus coming to the AMA to race next year. I would love to see Ducati "step up" to a commitment to win in America. This country is potentially a big market for Ducati and racing sells bikes.

The addition of Xaus to the AMA roster would really shake things up. By all reports, he is a great guy, but I would not want to be in front of him on the race track. He is one intense competitor. I love to watch him ride.

I believe that he would pressure the whole field to up their game. Good for the sport.
I just wan't him to be in a racing series that makes him fight for the win.

Watching he and Hodgeson throw those 999's around with what seems to be no fear for personal safety (despite the fact that Hodgeson already owns the crown for SBK 2003) was great entertainment.

Xaus' style of 2 wheel slides complemented by Neil's wheels in-line form made it even more enjoyable as they thrashed about Imola, bumping farings most of the race...

Back-markers aside...
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