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In the market for new chain and sprockets

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You don't know anything about chains! I am a chain engineer! You are wrong. Your chain didn't last 20,000 miles. I know everything about chains. I have a big house that I paid too much money for and I have an office that shows how important I am! I do other stuff too and I will argue about everything that I am wrong about!

Here is my proof that I know stuff:
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Wew thanks... You guys had me going for a second..
Re: Feh.

Yep don't do what I did I used that Teflon stuff and it spat all over and the guys at the shop thought I had a oil leak..
LOL Ok I deserve it..I am prick..
Re: Feh.

But but...oil makes my bike all messy, plus it gets on the garage floor and smells bad.
Re: Feh.

You or the bike?
Re: Feh.

probably both..:)
Yeah, you can do that anytime. Your chain's about to jump the sprocket it's so loose.

Re: Feh.

Best lube I've come across (street app.), by far, is called Silkolene by Fuchs. Probably better to wait until you're done having Kids before starting to use it because the stuff is NASTY! After I read the warnings I almost dropped the un-used can in my haste to wash my hands. It is REALLY good though...
Must have been different stuff

Actually DuPont Teflon Multi Purpose Dry Wax Lube works very well, in my experience
should of .. should of .. should of .. should of ..

I'll bet those blackboard lessons will be a hoot.

MO V2.0 -- soon to appear at a web site near you.
X-ring? O-ring? How about no-ring? Anyone who's ever been on vacation in the developing world and rented a bike for a couple of days to get around on will know that the chains on rental bikes are run totally dry, never changed or adjusted, and apparently last forever. Mind you, the drive lash is so severe that it prevents you from exceeding 30 mph because you're so frightened that the whole thing is going to wrap itself around your legs and sever a foot or something that you ride really carefully. Maybe that's why the rental guys keep them that way...
Nah, believe it or not I adjusted it. This aftermarket one's not holding-up as good as the OEM did: got over 27k on THAT one before I just tossed it (because it was too noisy!).

Only lubed it twice.............
Nah, it's because they don't even know there's a chain on the bike, or that the engine crankcase contains oil.............
Could be worse - they might look at you funny and offer to special order it, for 50% down.

Yeah, I'm considering just getting better leg armour so it doesn't sever my foot and just accept that I may have to leap from the bike if the chain wraps itself around the rear wheel when it finally goes. I've been worried about it long enough at this point that I've nearly stopped worrying. It's like not going to the dentist.
hey BrowningBAR, you forgot to substitute some homynyms for some of the words in your post, speak about yourself in the third person, and the all important:

SGF sez chains are going the way of the dodo. In the future, all motorcycles will have a low maintenance shaft or belt drive coupled to a V-4 powerplant.
Are you kidding? The shops that rent out those deathtrap old stepthroughs always have some guy around who can keep 'em going on baling wire and JB Weld. They know the bikes need maintenance, but they don't care! Just wait until it grenades then rebuild it or scavenge it for spares...
I read it, but I liked the chainsaw info best. Where can I get a hockey goalie mask to go with it?
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