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We had a club ride on Sunday and a guy turned up on an Indian (a Scout I think). My buddy and I were both on Honda 650 Bros's (Hawk GT's). When we saw the Indian we thought "Here's the tail-end charley" and sure enough we left him behind quickly. But a funny thing happened. Every time we slipped back into cruise mode there was a smooth v-twin burble as the Indian slipped by. He was sitting on a constant 120-130 km/h (75-80 mph) and when we dropped close to the New Zealand 100 km/h limit he would catch us quickly. When we got to our mountain destination (after more than a couple of chin on the tank efforts on the straights) he was about 5 minutes behind me. Outdated?...yes. Effective?...definitely. Fun?....judging by Paddy's grin, I say so.

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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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