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I ride an 03 Chief and am in love with it. I had many jap cruisers, a hog and here I am with something I appreciate more than the rest. Why, well can we ever really explain it?

It's probably the least refined cruiser I've had, it's raw, big, strong, it vibrates, the beach bars are huge. It's a handfull to manuever slowly and has the funniest start up sound. Man do I love this thing!

For me, some how it's what is in the Indian name and the undisputedly American roots that name has. There is a proud heritage that I am proud to ride. And when I pull up to some bike stop somewhere, everyone and his brother does NOT have one.

I hope the Indian name can find a home again, a home that lasts this time.

21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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