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Indian Chief T3 Bikes, Movie Info

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An Indian? No way. T3 belongs on a Tuono or a Z1000!
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custom saddlebags? looks like they are straight from the National Cycles catalog.
Good point. Nothing against cruisers in general, or Indians in particular, but it wouldn't exactly be my choice for a "getaway" bike. You would be awfully comfortable for the two blocks before you got caught though!

Makes ya' wonder what the bad guys are gonna be riding. Vespas?
Of course, Ahhnold's bike must have 300hp or so, and he knows how to dive into corners!!!
I didn't realize America's First Motorcycle was a Harley clone.

How could they have cloned something that didn't yet exist?
Remember the Fat Boy...

It was T2 that made the Fat Boy a success, I guess Indian is counting on Ahhnold being able to repeat things.
Re: Remember the Fat Boy...

You bet. I'm going to run right out and pay an extra $5000 premium over the already inflated HD price. Just so I can get those fenders and that tank badge!
According to the site, "a concept sketch of what the futuristic motorcycle would look like": this is futuristic like the Healthy Forests Initiative is about healthy forests....

Orwell would be proud.
I agree, it's crap. Complete failure of imagination.

The police bike of the future that I'd like to see is either a giant scooter (supercharged Suzuki uber-Bergman with bulletproof fairing) or an urban assault machine (R1150GS Adventure with Japanese decotora truck style cattle catchers.
I just saw this movie a couple of days ago and I could barely tell he was riding an Indian- they really got hosed on this deal.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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