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Indian Injects More Cash Into Business.

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I like the new Chris-Craft, but can't they just let Indian go. Harley has new bikes on the sales floor, with 06's being discounted. I'd hate to be trying to introduce a new line now.
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Not so fast. Lets remember what happened with Triumph. A hands-on non educated builder made big money in construction business, knew nothing about bikes or their production but bought a dead marque anyway. The rest is history.

Sure there are the great deeply embarrasing failures such as the 43 hp pillow biting Scrambler - but there is the Rocket also.

- cruiz-euro
I have the same problem with my casual acquaintances

- cruiz-euro
Re: Mom in Fringed Chaps???

Maybe so, but still he has screwed everybody elses wife on this thread but mine. Whats wrong with her? Who the hell he thinks he is?

- cruiz-euro
>FL real estate is in the toilet for now and

>there is a LOT of $$$ looking for a big hit

Usually if the real estate is in the toilet, there is not a lot of $$$ looking at anything. Maybe this kid brother Raul who took over is on to something.

- cruiz-euro
Pretty well summed up.

In my opinion, no more V2 cruiser stuff for God´s sake. Its covered by betters already. And think E-H. Failed due to the limited vision: Hey guys why don´t we do another run of the mill V2 engine, it´s gonna take the market like a storm! One-and-half litres pushrod V2 class, already so overly occupied by much more capable and established (one more established than the others) players. Had they started with, say 2000 cc or something, with balancing shafts, it might have gone somewhere. But now even that segment is occupied. Only way to go is, like has been suggested, extended Rocket 3, that is inline 4 with water cooling. That is the only way.

And what it needs is a dedicated guy with deep pockets, cow´s nerves, elephant´s patience, and a big focus on *performance* and quality. When I say performance I don´t mean canyon carving ability or any of that wussie pansy stopping-distance stuff but straight line pure acceleration power. I mean big power and torque. Did I say deep pockets? It can be done (again: Triumph).

What it does not need is some loser beliving overly optimistic sales forecasts and deciding to take it to the wire getting rich at the end. He´ll just talk to those investor friends to chip in a bit to fill these gaps, hey the very real power point slides are there to show the projected cash flows.

- cruiz-euro

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1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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