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Indian Injects More Cash Into Business.

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I like the new Chris-Craft, but can't they just let Indian go. Harley has new bikes on the sales floor, with 06's being discounted. I'd hate to be trying to introduce a new line now.
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I've not ridden a Rocket either, but Hokey Smokes, can I confirm that it feels a LOT lighter when rocking to & fro than one would expect. I was quite suprised.

I'm also a bit suprised that there has yet to be a real touring version - thinking "wingish" road boat - no faux fringe saddlebags, PLEASE!. Perfect motor to be cloaked - if you get my drift...and the perfect powerband for hauling around all that cloaking, wife, dog, Uni-Go trailer and kitchen sink. (on the other hand, any mfg that does what I think outta be done is crazy)

Are we all over fringe yet? Is fringe the motorcycle cliche dou jour of the day yet?
South FL $$ and Chris Craft. Why am I not suprised. When will they leave Indian to molder in peace?

Suppose I'll pile on, too and say the obvious: they need their own engine and look. No clone motors, no fringe-o-logical look, no cribbing the 40's Art-ish Deco-ish look. Nope, needs to be an American Original. Did I say ORIGINAL???

Back to the SW FL and $$$ connection: FL real estate is in the toilet for now and there is a LOT of $$$ looking for a big hit or a big write off to offset other gains.

Gents, this is the high dollar Custom Chopper Crowd - betcha. But the Chris-Craft thing is gnawing at me. Maybe this is finally the real deal?
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During my grade school days had a neighbor who rode and restored Indians.

He had a couple of Scouts, couple of Chiefs and a 4. And he was a ham radio operator. And he'd raced Indians in the 30's- with lots of black & whites to prove it.

Needless to say, I left lots of little boy paw prints on his bikes, tools and radios. What a nice fellow he was! Probably the single biggest influence that put me on the path.

He passed before I bought my first bike. I'd loved to have ridden with him.
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