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Indian Injects More Cash Into Business.

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I like the new Chris-Craft, but can't they just let Indian go. Harley has new bikes on the sales floor, with 06's being discounted. I'd hate to be trying to introduce a new line now.
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I don't know what happened to Dave Wright (actually have had the pleasure to talk on many occations) but I hope that he passed along all the ideas I had on the re-launch. I wish Indian the best but if I'm right (and I usually am on these things) they will blow the whole deal up again because they won't actually use "new" ideas for the re-launch. Expect the Power 100 motor and all the old crap they did before to last at least 2 years before Indian snaps into reality and executes new designes. Same old tired ideas. Wish they'd listen to me on this one. I told Rey (CMC's old owner) the same thing in 1998 when he sold to the Canadian's who brought back Indian the last time. Too bad industry people can't communicate with the great unwashed.
If you've never ridden the Rocket go to a dealer and test it. It's ugly but the thing pulls like a train and moves from side to side like a bike half its weight. My cousin owns a FJR and one weekend I took a RIII home from the shop and we hit the NW GA hills. He NEVER walked away from me. He's no squid, either. He's an ex-pro racer with skills and the person who taught me my skills. The RIII held its own the whole afternoon. Sorry that people can't get over the "car" motor in it. But they are fun.

I do agree that Indian must be different to succeed. The "four" is a wonderful idea. But in order to meet EPA and Euro III regs they'd have no choice but to water-cool it.
You can thank no one for that idea. They were junk.

Ha ha ha
2008- there will be a full bag "electroglide-style" version
1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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