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Indian Injects More Cash Into Business.

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I like the new Chris-Craft, but can't they just let Indian go. Harley has new bikes on the sales floor, with 06's being discounted. I'd hate to be trying to introduce a new line now.
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You forgot to have it mounted on a Trebuchet - "Time to UN-Pimp, ze Moto!"
Re: Mom in Fringed Chaps???

Maybe so, but he's 74 now.........
No. Really? Yes. No. Yes.

Any more Questions?

Re: Mom in Fringed Chaps???

Yeah, I think he e'en made a swing by my place and got my cat.............

(won't do no good lil'-bigdx - she's been "fixed")
1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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