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Indian Larry Killed in Helmetless Stunt

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Re: Indian Larry seriously hurt

Thats to bad, colorful guy, interesting ideas on bikes, but it was just a matter of time before he got hurt doing one of his stupid tricks without wearing a helmet.
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Helmet laws suck.

Riding without a helmet is dumb.

If you have kids, wear the damn helmet. You're living for them, too.

If you support helmet laws, then don't get upset with people who want to ban motorcycles - if riding with a helmet is safer than riding without, then not riding at all is safer still, no?

I hope I die on a motorcycle instead of in a nursing home at 80.

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Re: Indian Larry dead

I don't think he liked smacking his head on the ground. From what I gather, that was an accident that happened while he was riding a motorcycle, which is something he apparently did like. It's like if you were to suffer a fatal heart attack while making a smug, illogical comment - if people said, "He died doing what he loved", they wouldn't mean clutching your chest and falling over.
1 - 3 of 208 Posts
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