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Indian Larry Killed in Helmetless Stunt

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Re: Indian Larry seriously hurt

Thats to bad, colorful guy, interesting ideas on bikes, but it was just a matter of time before he got hurt doing one of his stupid tricks without wearing a helmet.
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I call it the 85/85 Rule: You highside off the road into telephone on your MilleR at 85 mph at 85 years of age..... just before you get the test results that show you have inoperable brain cancer.
Re: Indian Larry dead

Tsk tsk. you just don't make a very good Materialist, longride.

I say, let's put on "Harley-Davidson Blues" by Canned Heat and hoist a couple for Larry.

He'd probably prefer to be honored that way than by more freakin' safety legislation.
Re: On a happier topic...

You might get better results offering some Cabernet Sauvignon or a nice Merlot.
Liberalism, Conservatism, Fascism, Communism, Capitalism..... what do all "isms" have in common? In practice they end up being scams that allow the undeserving (politicians and their lackeys) to live well without having to actually work.

Whenever Kerry or Bush or most any politician sees the people fighting with each other over politics they know that their parasitic existence is secure. They know the suckers will line up and give them money. All they have to do is throw a few crumbs to these rubes.

Polictical power can't exist without conflict. And if there is no conflct ( the usual condition) they will manufacture it. Mass media is their vehicle and we are the suckers who fall for it.

Whether you ride a Harley or a Honda, the cagers are the common enemy. If you think the cager public wouldn't vote for a motorcycle ban, given a media campaign like that run against smokers to soften them up, you are living in dreamland.

So, let's hoist a few for Indian Larry. A fallen comrade.
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Any ishm fitsh. Looksh like I've started hoishting already.
Re: Mr Mom

When I was a kid a father with a decent job (like my Dad who worked for the phone company) could raise a family, buy a house and even put my brother and I in private school. Today people are so burdened with taxes that doing such a thing is impossible.

And the middle class people who carry the burden get almost none of the benefits anyhow. The big growth sector now is public employees (Don't call them workers. That would be a misnomer). That's where 70%+ of tax revenues go... to pay a load of lazy bastards who couldn't qualify to work the counter at MacDonalds.
All the mags tout that hi-performance is not a factor in fatalities: I find that hard to believe.

That does seem like a load of self-serving meadow muffins doesn't it?

Insurance rates say otherwise as well.
I used up my lifetime quota by 1973.
Re: The one thing Right Wing Religious Bush Wackos forget.

I really chuckle at the sanctimonious lefties. I would bet a month's pay that my personal charitable contributions far outstrip those of any of the supposed "compassionate" types on this website. Not one of the democrats I know personally even comes close... except my wife, but then she's an old fashioned classical liberal, and not into the current rage of cheap govt mandated "compassion". Clinton pissed her off so much she voted for Bob Dole.

One thing I do know though is that I give more, much more, money each year than John Kerry did when he was Lt Governor of Massachewsitts. Isn't that typical? The loudest Pharisees in the political temple are the worst hypocrites.

I don't really care what people give... unless they are the types of people that accuse others of meanspiritedness. If they don't give generously then they are simply hypocrites and should be totally shunned.
Re: The Highwayman.

I agree, except that the thing he apparently loved best was pulling his Harley in a trailer with his Navigator.
Re: The one thing Right Wing Religious Bush Wackos forget.

Difficult to determine since anyone can lie. In any case the wager would have been against the people who love to slam others gratuitously as mean-spirited. You don't fit the category, that I've ever seen.

All I know from personal experience is that either my cash contributions or volunteer time each are far greater than those of any of the whining babies who accuse others of a lack of compassion. In my unscientific sampling of personal aquaintances I discovered that the worst whiners gave absoultely no money or ever did any charity work of any kind. Apparently their idea of compassion is to vote for the biggest social spender.
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